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  • Women In Carol Shaw's River Raid

    open all the oppressions that kept them in the dark. The roots of these unique roses have been extended through the worlds of the arts, the fields of sports, the labs of science, and the innovations of technology defying any challenges. Women like Frida Kahlo, Beyoncé, Jaide Bucher, Marie Curie, and Carol Shaw have proved to be capable of achieving anything they propose, making it clear that they were meant to be prominent in such a diverse world. There was once a picture that portrayed women…

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  • Lincoln Memorial Evidence

    artwork, especially in realistic artworks is necessary to represent subject matter truthfully without any artificial touches to it. In a self-portrait of Frida Kahlo named, “Self Portrait with Necklace”, she accurately depicts her appearances. Realism allows the depiction of life forms, perspectives, and the details of colors and light. In Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait, little details were accurately represented, for example her pink cheeks, her collarbone, and…

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  • Change Of Beauty By Kardashia

    The Kardashians and the Change of Beauty In 1751, British essayist David Home, wrote “Beauty is no quality in things themselves…; Each mind perceives a different beauty (Hume)”. In the last two hundred and sixty-six years, this concept of beauty has all but vanished. Today beauty comes from a social aspect, completely corrupted by money hunger companies, or the desire to be accepted. In American societies, children, teens, and young adults all have icons. Whether athletes or models, celebrities…

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  • How Did Diego Rivera Created

    Diego Rivera was well-known for paintings that portrayed Mexican life, society and the history of Mexican People. No matter what, Rivera did not shift his art and that shaped him to be somewhat controversial artist. Rivera was a communist who fought for communist ideal. He is an ideal of socially dedicated artist. His art describes such issues as Mexican labor, and American worker and Revolutionary figures. Rivera experienced the work of great masters such as Cézanne, Gauguin, Renoir, and…

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  • Mexican Mural Analysis

    A mural that caught my attention would be a mural that could be found in the campus of East Los Angeles College. The mural is located in ELAC's Foyer Auditorium by the artist's Raúl Anguiano called “A Biography of Mexican Painting." The mural is described to be around 70-foot-square long mural and according to East Los Angeles College president, Marvin Martinez "Anguiano captures the evolution of Mexican Art from the golden period of the Mayan culture to the 20th century" (Martinez). The mural…

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  • Philadelphia Art Museum Essay

    back”. The statue demonstrated a mother, perhaps on her way to the market carrying a child nestled against her back inside a traditional shawl. The statue was carved in 1933 by Mexican artist Mardonio Magana. This section included famous painter like Frida Kahlo, Zapata, Angel Zarraga and Roberto Montenegro. During my visitation this room/ gallery display was the most fullest of all. As I walk around each piece of art I realized this exhibition was one of the most popular…

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  • Genetic Identity

    character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind.” Professional sociologists have long debated the power of environment in shaping identity, thus playing a role in the individual’s world view and responses. Frida Kahlo visually represented the influence of the environment on the individual in her painting, Self Portrait Between the Borderline of Mexico and the United States, 1932, depicting the vast differences between Mexico and the United States,…

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  • 15 Steps To Become Self Reliant Analysis

    did the best you can. It might look like nothing special to others but its special to you. That is why you should other peoples work because they try to their best as well. (Frida Kahlo) When you put your heart into your work you feel happy because it’s something you created and that is means something special to you. Frida Kahlo was a famous painter who loved her work because she painted many self-portraits to express the way she…

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  • I Am Too Far North Essay

    my life. Fortunately, I have been blessed with two loving parents who taught me to love my roots and not to be ashamed of whom I am. My parents have taught me about cultural icons such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes & Frida Kahlo. However, during these passed two years police brutality, racial tension, and gender issues have been hot topics in the media. Being a Massachusetts resident, I have always been taught that I am “too far north” for racism or sexism to…

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  • Cultural Identity In Two Kinds By Amy Tan

    Nobody can deny the fact that culture generally mandates your views, perceptions, and ideas about the world and its qualities. However, while this may hold true, there are factors that can easily disregard and usurp culture from fully monopolizing one’s mindset. For example, Thomas Jefferson high school is a huge blend of cultural groups. There is little to no disparity, and all are seen unique, yet still the same as their peers. One’s experiences and culture both partially, whether equally or…

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