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  • Gender Roles In Like Water For Chocolate

    the intensity of interest in Kahlo’s story is that she negotiated, in many way defied, this rather limited perspective of femininity in a very public and dramatic way.” Based on this article, self-portraits, and paintings alongside Diego Rivera, Frida was one of the first women to break new ground on what a woman should and could be. Frida’s education level and other aspects of her life she altered like religion or family to fit the story she wanted to tell. She eventually moved away from being…

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  • Multiculturalism In Kristen Lee's What Is Cultural Identity

    Culture is more than just a part of a person’s daily life, it is an aspect of us that shapes the way we view others and the world. Our cultures are dynamic and often entails distinct values, morals, beliefs, and items that came from many generations. How much does culture really inform the way we view others and the world though? Some people may say that their culture significantly informs the way they view others and the world or some may also say culture does not inform the way they view…

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  • Itzcuintli Dog With Me Essay

    Itzcuintli Dog with Me, created in 1938 by Frida Kahlo, is a self-portrait created with the use of oil-based paints. Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who was born in 1907 and died in 1954. This artwork is found in the Dallas museum of arts and it is found outside of the American art gallery. While the painting may appear to be simply, it has many artistic elements within it. As the title of the artwork implies there are only two figures within the painting, Frida Kahlo and her dog. Kahlo is seen…

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  • Henry Ford Hospital In Detroit: A Visual Analysis

    In the year 1932, on the 4th of July, Frida had a miscarriage at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Frida painted herself after the miscarriage, lying back on the bed in the hospital, which turned into this terrifying self-portrait. The woman in the portrait is naked, the sheets under her stained with her blood, and a huge tear drops from her left eye. The bed drifts in an intangible space, encircled by six different images, which act as metaphors relating to the miscarriage. These are secured…

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  • Dbq Beauty Standards

    The idea of “beauty standards” is very complex. Beauty, by definition, is a combination of qualities such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. This is a very broad definition, however, there does seem to be an underlying “ideal” or “perfect” body type that comes to people’s minds when they hear the word “beautiful.” People who fail to meet this expectation start to develop self-esteem issues which can lead to mental illnesses and eating disorders such…

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  • The Broken Column Analysis

    towards others. They follow strong visual guides and endeavor to create a story depicting their own personal being, through their use of media, symbolism, Metaphors or materials used. Two artists that have grasp on creating self-identity pieces are Frida Kahlo and………. They both explore the readily wide concept of self-identity, and have consistently created bold, detailed and empowering embodiments of work for the speculation of others. This essay will aim to provide a detailed analysis of both…

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  • Comparing Culture In Two Kinds And Everyday Use By Alice Walker

    wear. Both of those things are correct is some way or another but does your culture affect the way you see the world? Culture can affect how you see the world sometimes but not all of the time. In the memoir “By Any Other Name” , the biography of Frida Kahlo, the short stories Two Kinds” and “Everyday Use” there is more than one example that proves my claim. I the short story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker there are two sisters Dee (Wangero) and Maggie. Wangaroo was a very…

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  • Salvador Dali Strengths

    Every artist has special traits that make them loveable or hateable to some people. The artists that I chose are loveable in my eyes. Their art speaks truthfully and depicts art in unique ways that few understand. The artists I chose are not average artists. They seem to go above and beyond in their work, as well as show their strengths, weaknesses, joys, sorrows, dreams, and nightmares through their work. The first artist I chose was Salvador Dali. I chose Salvador Dali because he was an…

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  • The Stunt Pilot Analysis

    The traditional view of art has changed over time just as most things have. Naturally, the act of perception has differed opinions on what society considers as art. Dance, paintings, photography, drawings, music, literature, and sculpting, are what comes to mind when contemplating the aspects of art. The limitation to defining a word so opinionated leaves out room for self-expression. The traditional ideas of what is considered art should be broadened; granted, although not tangible, art can be…

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  • Analysis Of My Mother Pieced Quilts

    In North Korea most people don’t know what “freedom” means, in China most people don’t know what “opinion” means, in the Middle East most people don’t know what “solution” means, and in America most people don’t know what “the rest of the world” means. From shaping personalities to affecting perceptions, culture is the invisible bond that ties individuals together in a society. At a young age, people absorb cultural values and beliefs which are manifested through one’s lifestyle. Culture…

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