Frida Kahlo's Self-Portraits

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Frida Kahlo was best known for her self-portraits, said to be Mexico's greatest female artists. Kahlo originally wanted to become a doctor but she was involved in a car accident in 1925, which left her as a permanent semi-invalid and infertile. It was during her gradual recovery that she began to start painting to cure her boredom of being bedridden.
She had other medical issues, such as a damaged right leg and foot from when she had polio as a young girl.
Frida had no training in art, other than the art classes she took in secondary school, although she frequently read art books that her father owned. As she grew older and further developed her art skills, he work became something extraordinary. She developed her own unique style that although was influenced by other people/artists, even her culture and the way life is itself, her work was very much individual and I have never seen anything quite
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Her paintings disturbed and shocked the art world with her extremely surreal works. Kahlo’s most general subject matter of her work was self-portraits; through this she portrayed warped views of herself that were incredibly dramatic.

Kahlo’s artwork seems to be quite relevant to her marriage with Diego Rivera, their relationship was unbalanced to say the least. Rivera was well known for his womanizing; constantly cheating on Frida causing her to retaliate in the same way he was hurting her as a way of vengeance. Her husband was a common theme of her work, but also were her health issues, throughout many of her self-portraits Kahlo has represented herself as injured, possibly even helpless. After her car accident she painted ‘The Broken Column’ this painting presents Frida nude with nails impaled into her skin, and her

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