Similarities Between Picasso And Frida Kahlo

Throughout history the art of portraiture has been practiced by various artists. One popular artist who has explored this was Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo. Picasso being a more well-known and mainstream artist compared to Kahlo. Although they come from different times in history and a very different location geologically but similar culturally. Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo both have endeavoured in the various ways of portraiture as a way of making art. Pablo Picasso was born on the 25 October 1881 Malaga, Spain. Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907 in Coyoacan, Mexico City, Mexico.

Pablo Picasso is the artist behind the artwork, The Weeping Woman. The weeping woman is an oil on canvas painting made in 1937. Picasso used his famous artwork,
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One of the many portraits that Kahlo made is an oil on canvas painting, made in 1940 called, “Frida Kahlo portrait with thorn necklace.” This artwork is composed of a monkey and a cat on Kahlo’s shoulders with a bird on a necklace. As the title states Kahlo is depicted to be wearing a necklace that stretches down towards her shoulders, with some branches reaching further than that. In this artwork all of the animals or creatures in this artwork are black and this a minor aesthetic quality of Kahlo’s artwork. Kahlo’s art style has very subtle line work to have a more realistic appearance while also having some surrealism with it. The background of the image contains multiple leaves in shades of a warm green. Compared to the foreground where the only warm colour is Kahlo’s skin tone. These warm colours attract the eyes attention towards this aspect of the artwork. The eyes of the viewer are first drawn to Kahlo’s face as it contains the warmest colour of the artwork. Next the viewer’s eyes are drawn towards leaves that occupy the background of the artwork. Lastly the animals that surround Kahlo can be either viewed first or last in an order of hierarchy. This artwork is similar and different towards Picasso’s weeping woman in many …show more content…
Picasso’s artwork the weeping woman is aesthetically different than that of Kahlo’s portrait with thorns. These artworks have very different artistic styles, where the portrait from Picasso uses the style of cubism, that contains straight lines and geometric shapes which has creates a disfigured image of the weeping woman. Whereas Kahlo’s portrait is more realistic and fluent, with curved and natural shapes. Within the artwork Weeping Woman the colours that are within the composition are warm and bright colours, excluding for the sickly green that is used as the woman’s skin colour. These colours are very unnatural and assist with the aesthetic of the cubist style. While in Kahlo’s artwork her colours are very natural and don’t pop out as much as the weeping woman. Although Kahlo’s skin colour does draw the viewers eye first compared to the rest of the image. there is a lot more happening within the composition of Kahlo’s artwork, with the cat, monkey and the surrealistic feature of the image, the thorn necklace with a bird. In Picasso’s artwork the only feature in the composition is the weeping woman herself, there are not any other elements within this

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