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  • Analysis Of Sigmund Freud's Psychodynamic Approach

    accurate interpretation with full respect of creator’s mind rather expands, explores the art. It explores the footnote the artist leaves behind in form of signs and symbols even when the painting do not carry any idea, subject or concept (for instance, Frida Kahlo’s…

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  • Cultural Identity In Two Kinds By Amy Tan

    Nobody can deny the fact that culture generally mandates your views, perceptions, and ideas about the world and its qualities. However, while this may hold true, there are factors that can easily disregard and usurp culture from fully monopolizing one’s mindset. For example, Thomas Jefferson high school is a huge blend of cultural groups. There is little to no disparity, and all are seen unique, yet still the same as their peers. One’s experiences and culture both partially, whether equally or…

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  • Women In Art

    Race has been a big issue in the art community as well as the rest of the world. Statistically it is very unlikely for a person of color to enter into the museum system over white curators, engineers, directors, etc. Even artists of color struggle to get their works into museums, completely unrelated to their quality of work. Usually the works of art that are put up are the ones that are stereotypical; the savagely barbaric African art or the ethnically fetishized Orientalism. The works of art…

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  • Alexander Mcqueen: A Feminist Analysis

    The Guerrilla girls are a group of feminist activists that are fighting for equal recognition in the art world. The members of this group remain anonymous, and they achieve this by wearing gorilla masks. The Guerrilla girls use the names of dead women artists to identify each of their members when going out in public. It is important to say that those who control the art world business are art critics and donors for the big museums. The guerrilla girls have an iconic piece that shows a nude…

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  • ISIS Crisis Essay

    The United States is the number one strongest military power in the world. There is no power in the world that can stand the military might of this nation. With this military strength, any conflict could be solved quickly and cleanly… or could it? AS of current, there is a conflict going on the Middle East involving the Syrian Civil War, which is a war currently between syrian nationalists, the current corrupt government, and the terrorist group ISIS, along with the whole crisis being used as…

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  • Josephine Baker Monologue

    Hello, it is me Josephine Baker not many people knew but my real name was Frida Josephine McDonald. I was born on June 3rd 1906 in St. Louis, Missouri. Most people in the 1900 always think that you had to be born into wealth and fame, but not me. My family was very poor so I had to work for my own money. I babysat for the wealthy and waited on them. With having to always work for my money it made me independent and I did not need to rely on anyone to take care of me. I ran away when I was 13…

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  • Mount Fuji Seen

    Katsushika Hokusai was a Japanese artist during the 18th and 19th centuries who is known for woodblock printing, “Ukiyo-e” painting, and manga art. What is unique about him is his interest in the “relationship between light and natural phenomena” and how he captured “the moods of nature and the atmospheric conditions of the different seasons and weather” (Hane 39). His most well known piece is “Mount Fuji Seen Below a Wave at Kanagawa” which is part of his series of woodblock prints known as…

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  • Circle Support: Timilty Session 1-7th Grade Group

    Timilty Session # 3 Recap 10/30/2016, Timilty, Session # 3 , - Circle Support Session 1- 7th Grade Group (9:30am-10:15am) ¬ Plus o The kids were really engaged in the discussion. I thought they appreciated being asked those questions. Many of them really took the time to think before answering the questions. o Most of them think that school is not important because they see that some people in their community are successful without going to school. o When we broke up into to two different…

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  • Borderlands La Frontera Analysis

    Anzaldúa, Gloria. “Borderlands: The New Mestiza: La Frontera.” (1987). Course Reserves University of Florida Web. 8 November 2016. Thesis (50 words) In her book “Borderlands: La Frontera”, Gloria Anzaldúa composes her experience as a queer Chicana inhabitant of the Mexican side of the borderlands to encourage others to accept their linguistic and cultural identity. She believes that Anglos and men silence the voices of Latinos and women, but they must persevere. Summary (643 words) Anzaldúa…

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  • How Does Vincent Van Gogh Create Change Through Art

    love the blues, and why the tragedy of Vincent Van Gogh is so fascinating. Van Gogh suffered from anxiety, absinthe addiction, and seizures, but suffering gave him insight, and that insight gave the world Post-Impressionism. Furthermore, the painter Frida Kahlo found fame by incorporating the tragedies of her life in her work. The pain was both physical and emotional. As a teenager, she survived a traffic accident, and then suffered chronic pain, thirty operations, miscarriages, and an…

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