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  • Advantages Of English As An International Language

    you are an English speaker, you do not have any work to do in learning international language as it should be the advantage over everyone else. Pretty much the only reason you ever need to talk to other person is to get an air conditioned bedroom or French fries. Taking pictures of the places and eating food in restaurants with translated menu is the most important things to do in other countries. Actually getting to know the local is a waste of your precious travel time. “This is the first time…

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  • Characteristics Of The Restoration Period

    RESTORATION DRAMA RESTORATION PERIOD The restoration period which is considered to have started from 1660 and as the name itself suggests that it is called the restoration period due to the reason that Charles the second ascended the throne and monarchy was restored. The restoration period came after the puritan age which was supposedly of 18 years (1642-1660), people were deprived of many pleasures including entertainment which was the closing of theaters in that age. People were restricted…

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  • The Founder Movie Analysis

    The film “ The Founder “ is based on a true story of man named Ray Kroc ( Michael Keaton playing a small time businessman with a big time dream ) a salesman from Illinois , who builds his way up through the ranks of the business world . The film starts off following Ray Kroc on his journeys of being a salesman trying to sell milkshake makers to restaurants , mostly unsuccessful . Hes a quick talker , eager businessman , who’s life is comfortable but he always wants more, from the get go it is…

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  • American Revolution And Atlantic Revolutions

    them establish new taxation systems. The enlightened French troops who returned from America after the war against…

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  • The Importance Of Language Environment In Language Learning

    Chapter One Introduction 1.1 The background of the study S. P. Corder, a famous linguist, pointed out: we actually haven’t the ability to make students learn a kind of language, the thing we can do is to create a proper language learning environment, which proved the importance of language environment in language teaching. With the globalization of economy and the frequency of communication, our country and society had the higher requirement for the use of English. However, at present, the…

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  • Importance Of English As A Global Language

    The English language now days considered as Global language, because it is used in almost everything. It has been used in technology, education, employment and scientific communication. This essay will include three primary questions to answer it and analyze, Why English is a global language and when it started? Regarding to answer this question we will need to speak about numbers and some historical dates, starting in England moving to America, Canada, Caribbean and Africa and we are going to…

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  • American Dream In The Great Gatsby Analysis

    American dream refers to a dream of someone who starting low in the social and economic level, then he or she working hard towards wealth, fame and success. This dream can be described as a materialism pursuit of pleasure as it is only achieved when a person successfully having a fancy car, a lot of money, luxurious house, happy wealthy family, fame and nice clothes. However, in order to achieve this dream, most of the character in The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald has turns to be someone…

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  • Rodriguez And Espada's Definition Of Bilingualism

    Universally, bilingualism is know as the speaking of two or more languages fluently. However, bilingualism has a far deeper meaning. I believe that bilingualism is the combination of two or more cultures and their languages into one’s life, and that it is the ability to communicate with a variety of people, not just people from one’s own countries. Throughout their essays, essayists Rodriguez and Espada develop different definitions of bilingualism. Espada believes that bilingualism is the…

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  • Argumentative Essay About Working At Mcdonalds

    People always thought working at McDonald’s is lame, but it depends. For teen-agers, who go to school regularly and don’t have any working experiences, McDonald’s won’t be a bad choice. However, there are some arguments against it due to the long hours and highly structured job without any creativities. In fact, this fast-food chain has flexible schedules, teaches youngsters responsibility and can help teens develop skills which are beneficial for their future career. McDonald’s gives its staff…

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  • The Theme Of Leadership In Henry V

    play that is rooted in war displays the battle between France and England. The play is centred around King Henry and the tactics he uses to succeed in overthrowing or winning the war between France.King Henry uses persuasion to try to convince the French and the Britain’s that he is atoning for the sin his father had committed.The posters above would be used to discuss the ways in which the theme of War, Leadership and Appearance verses Reality pervades or is prominent in the play. In realtion…

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