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  • Charles The Great: Charlemagne

    Charles the Great, also known as Charlemagne, ruled between the years of 768 and 814 CE. Einhard, a friend of Charlemagne, considers him the greatest king of the middle ages. Still, what characteristics does Einhard consider great, and how are those traits manifested in Charlemagne? Using Einhard’s work, The Life of Charlemagne, we can gleam insight into what made Charlemagne so great, as well as what is the mark of a great medieval king. Einhard, documents how Charlemagne was a great general, a…

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  • Einhard Charlemagne Summary

    a huge conqueror of countries that surrounded the Frankish Kingdom. I think that Einhard makes all the conquests important because it shows how big the Frankish Kingdom was in the grand scheme of the western world. Einhard uses the quote, “Have a Frank as a friend, not a neighbor.” I think that he uses this quote to show how strong the Frankish…

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  • Chapter Seven: The Life Of Charlemagne By Einhard

    Emperor. Each chapter is historically significant because each can be used as a lens for understanding what occurred after the reign of Charlemagne. Einhard states that the war with Saxony was the most gruesome, persistent and bitter war the Franks fought. The Franks were in a 33 yearlong battle beginning in 772 with the Saxons who had no regard for human or divine rules. Saxons were devil worshippers and were hostile to any form of Christianity. Einhard says that the war could easily have ended…

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  • Charlemagne Vs Charlemagne

    this era is known as the Medieval era and the early middle ages. The Social part of the era incorporate the raise of monasteries, and the rise of the Charlemagne. Charlemagne’s was an early version of Feudalism, an empire that Charles King of the Franks saw as an opportunity to grow as himself to be the successor of the great Roman emperors. This period of time is known as the Carolingian era. Charles was known as the Great or Charlemagne. His empire had a reach of approximately three hundred…

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  • Charlemagne Achievements

    Charlemagne, known as Charles the Great or King of the Franks, was a strong leader who united Western Europe through his military power. His major goals or achievements were the Carolingian Empire, Saxons War, and establishing centralized imperial rule. I consider that Charlemagne is a good leader and will go down in history. The first of Charlemagne’s accomplishments was the Carolingian Empire. Charles the Great ruled after his father Charles Martel. Charlemagne built a court and capital at…

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  • France Informative Speech

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to France? Try all the delicious foods see all the amazing sights. I’m going to tell you all about it. First I’m going to tell you about the geography of France. France is the largest country in western Europe. It is made up of high mountain ranges that separate it from Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. And it’s a large flat plain with several rivers. The rivers were mostly navigable (maneuverable or crossable) and they are also wide and deep…

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  • Charlemagne's Role As A Christian Warrior

    ” Additionally, the document even includes relics of people who willingly surrendered to Charlemagne’s rule, such as some barbarous German tribes between the Rhine and the Vistula. Ultimately, Charlemagne's tenacious conquests largely expanded the Frank kingdom. Moreover, Charlemagne’s ennobled status as a Christian warrior was enhanced when the document recalled his friendly relations with several king and nations, stating that Charles’ altruism caused the kings of the Scots to refer to him as…

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  • Rise Of The Roman Empire Dbq

    around 481 to 511 AD, a Germanic leader by the name of Clovis began to unite a group of Germanic people, the Franks, under one empire and saw an opportunity to grow and flourish (Doc A). The Franks, and its leaders, all brought their knowledge and abilities to medieval Europe. Each ruler of the Germanic group contributed by helping the dynasty grow and spread its influences around Europe. The Franks aided in the development of the appearance of medieval Europe,…

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  • The Importance Of Honor In The Early Middle Ages

    honorably, for they show loyalty and respect for each other in times of hardship and in the event of Oliver’s death. Roland, acting on pride, does not blow Charlemagne’s oliphant for help, for he does not want to smear his name and the name of the Franks. Roland’s pride ultimately cost him his life, yet by his own code he died honorably, for he did not die a coward. These examples prove that The Song of Roland defines an honorable life for a knight as staying loyal to one’s companions and always…

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  • Summary Of Einhard's Life Of Charlemagne

    Einhard composes Life of Charlemagne in 825 AD with the intention of commemorating King Charles’s well rounded devotion to his kingdom and his family, as he went beyond the expected duties of a King. Throughout the course of his life, Einhard had became very fond of the King and felt it his responsibility to preserve his knowledge of the King’s great deeds subsequent to the King’s death. Einhard provides a detailed piece of writing in which he eternalizes the deeds enacted by the King through…

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