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  • Process Essay: The Origin Of Gunpowder

    is a weapon from which a projectile-such as a bullet- is shot and is discharged by some chemical-usually gunpowder. It is believed that the origin of gunpowder is from Turkey, Europe, or China. The first combination of chemicals recorded was by Franciscan monk Roger Bacon around the time of 1250 A.D. The compounds were sulphur, charcoal, and saltpeter; which produced a rapidly burning and exploding powder. Around fifty years later, the first cannons were being developed. It consisted of a thick…

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  • Romeo And Juliet: Similarities Between Friar Lawrence And The Nurse

    actually takes place in the fourteenth century. Friar Lawrence is a Franciscan Priest and the Nurse is a servant to Juliet. There are many similarities and differences between Friar Lawrence and the Nurse. Friar Lawrence and the Nurse are similar in that they both play parental roles for Romeo and Juliet. Friar Lawrence plays a fatherly figure to Romeo, whereas the Nurse plays a motherly role to Juliet. One quote that…

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  • Clinical Nurse Resource Promotion Narrative Report

    RN III to Clinical Nurse Resource Promotion I graduated from nursing school in 2011 and accepted my first nursing position here at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Saint Joseph Hospital in the Emergency Department that same year. I started my orientation with two other staff nurses and began working independently after eight weeks. I remember that I felt so unsure of myself and was frequently asking others for their input on patient cares. After I had been here for about one year, I recall I found…

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  • François-Marie Arouet's Literary Analysis

    By including such characters as the Franciscan friar, the old woman as the illegitimate child of a Pope, and the cruel Catholic Inquisitor, Voltaire successfully communicates his skepticism of the moral standing of the established church, the Catholic church particularly. He also expresses derision…

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  • St Francis's Acts Of Charity

    truly believed that all creation was God’s creation. He lived out his life like Jesus did, in a life of poverty and service. Thus, Saint Francis called us all to serve others and reach out to people of all walks of life. In order to fulfill the Franciscan call to serve other people, I did a number of different works of service. The first act of service I performed…

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  • Gothic Architecture Analysis

    challenge the French architecture, also with small windows, one example is the magnificent, Basilica of San Francisco, located in Assisi. The fresco painting on the walls was also an important characteristic of this period. Also, its desire to evoke the Franciscan connection with poverty influenced the architecture. Simply but magnificent is the definition for this basilica. Although the Basilica of San Francisco had the gothic style impregnated in other characteristics including its arches, it…

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  • Why Was Joan Of Arc Important

    prosperity of France as she was fundamental in the victory of the Hundred Years’ War. Charles and his army were meagre in numbers and despairing at heart, but Joan managed to inspire and transform the army with her ambitions. Gunpowder In 1954, a Franciscan monk named Roger Bacon…

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  • The Pueblo Revolt

    In the essence of violent religious conversion, the Pueblo Indians demonstrated their greatest victory against Spanish control. Specifically, spanish missionaries and franciscan friars demolished the Native Americans’ opposing religious symbols in efforts to forcibly convert them to catholicism and potentially invade their land. The reaction to the violent act of conversion is especially reflected in the Declaration of Josephe, “ [...] burned the churches down and shouted in loud voices, “Now…

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  • First Day Story 5 Analysis

    story First day, Story 5 one can see just how messed up the people around one can be, and how awesome it can be for another person to be sharp with and in control of their feelings to take charge of an uncomfortable position. To begin we have two Franciscan friars that are crossing a river with a woman, whose job it was to ferry people across.…

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  • Andrea Palladio's Role In Medieval Times

    frame the altar; the choir from the tribune by a screen, or exedra, of four columns that still allow for the passage of light. However, this sequence of magnificent spaces was not in line with the beliefs of the Capuchins, an austere offshoot of the Franciscan Order founded in 1520 with the goal of returning to the original tenets of…

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