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  • The Privilege Of Poverty Summary

    Poverty” is Joan Mueller’s attempt to reincorporate the women of the Franciscan Order and the role they played during their medieval time back into the early Franciscan history that is often written without any mention of them. Joan Mueller seeks to correct that problematic gap, lacking women’s voices and experiences, in the historiography of the early Franciscan movement. To accomplish this goal, she focuses on the history of the Franciscan Rule of St. Clare which was finally approved in 1253,…

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  • Assisi's Three Orders Analysis

    Minor or simply “Franciscans” are mendicant men, people who practice and live in poverty. The Second Order, the Poor Clares, are the religious sisters of order or nuns. The Third, which is arguably the most important/influential and no doubt made up the largest composition of the order was called the Third Order of Saint Francis which included lay men and women who were referred to as tertiaries. Tertiaries do not…

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  • Essay On Mexican Mission System

    The mission systems for Mexican-American history involved a wide view, during its retrospect it was known as a sequence of missions that were established by Franciscan Monks in California and in the Spanish Southwest that obligated Indians into converting to Catholicism to employ themselves as agricultural laborers. An overall Mexican California that was an outbreak of dramatic strain that initiated the pros and cons of the mission system because of the changes in politics, religion, and…

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  • St Anthony Research Paper

    1195 to a wealthy family in Lisbon, Portugal. He was born with the name Fernando Martins, but later changed his name to Anthony (“St. Anthony of Padua”). Although he joined the Augustinian order first, five Franciscans’ adventures to martyrdom in Morocco inspired Anthony to join the Franciscans. He then sailed to Morocco to spread God’s word. Africa’s climate was rough on Anthony. He became ill and decided to sail back to Portugal (Glavich 73). A storm took Anthony’s boat…

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  • St. Anthony Research Paper

    While there he took up the name Anthony. Very soon after joining the order he started his journey to Morocco, which was the same place the first martyrs of the Franciscan Order died. Shortly after starting his journey his plans to go to Morocco were discontinued due to a severe sickness. In the spring of 1221, Fernando wanted to sail back to Spain, however a storm made Fernando stop in Sicily, a large island off…

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  • Ambivalent Conquest Summary

    these people into falling in line under the Spanish rule. The Franciscans would stand for the basic ideals of the church and what it stood for in Spain. The Franciscans in the Spaniards left in the Yucatán peninsula made it clear after conquering this land that there must not be a rejection of the religion of Christianity among the indigenous people they must embrace it as their own religion or the release of violence among the Franciscans would show with great evidence in the peninsula against…

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  • Religious Order

    so that they do not become an obstacle to the Christian mission of charity in the world. With this life of poverty, they would pretend to be like the poor and to imitate Jesus’ life. Religious Orders are establish in different communities, the Franciscans for example, are considered a Mendicant Order, living in absolute poverty. The vow of poverty is rooted in the lifestyle Francis decided to live as an affirmation of his denial to any material or economic goods. Severe poverty was his purpose…

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  • St. Francis Research Paper

    Franciscans refers to religious orders who adhere to the teachings and spiritual disciplines of Saint Francis of Assisi. The original movement, the Order of Friars Minor, was established by Saint Francis, and has produced several related orders and movements within the Catholic Church. Orders adhering to Franciscan spirituality also exists within other Christian denominations, including Old Catholicism, Anglicanism…

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  • Marco Polo's The Travels

    Introduction of "The Travels" states that "to western Christendom the world [Marco Polo] revealed was almost wholly unknown." However, in the introduction he mentions the Franciscan travelers we’ve already encountered this semester. Ronald Latham, who wrote the introduction and is the translator of the book, acknowledges the two Franciscans and their journeys, but states that their finding were interesting but not very encouraging. Marco Polo was not the first to travel to Crimea (known as China…

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  • European Colonization Essay

    during colonization. The New Mexico Franciscans also placed great importance on ideas like chastity and said how “The Franciscan God demanded chastity before and monogamy within marriage.”(84). The natives who had converted and chose to not follow this, were whipped with lashes and that was sometimes followed by a smearing dose of turpentine. It is important to consider that the natives practiced polygamy as part of their culture for ages before the Franciscans came. It wasn’t only the Europeans…

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