Personal Essay: My Decision To Attending College

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All of my life I have worked hard to get to where I am today, and I plan on continuing to work hard to get to where I wish to go, in the future. I enjoy being trusted with responsibilities, and I take them very seriously. This includes balancing and determining my financial situation, family life, and the plans I make for my future career. The tasks that come before me in my life are challenging, and I frequently feel like taking the easy route or giving up entirely. However, by putting my faith in God and His mercy, I know that He will help me through any worldly struggle. Even if things do not turn out the way I intend them to I know that I am working for the glory of God and that He is pleased with every effort brought before Him. Like …show more content…
It is the natural progression in a long line of things that a person is supposed to do in their life: elementary school, high school, college, full-time job, etc. In the seventh grade I decided that my dream was to attend Franciscan University for my Bachelor’s Degree. What society forgets to tell young adults is the struggles that they will go through to get where they desire. Franciscan is an expensive education and I had to make many sacrifices to get here. In high school, I had to choose between spending time with my friends and picking up an extra shift at the local grocery store. That is not to say that all that I did was work, but there were times I knew I could not go on that trip if I wanted to make my dream a reality. My hard-work and commitment has paid off. I am currently a sophomore at Franciscan University, and the discipline that I cultivated helps me to manage my time, finances, and studies properly. I am able to be a full-time student, maintain a part-time job on campus, participate in my household–Madonna of the Streets–, and enjoy the company and fellowship of my friends. In the midst of this heavy work-load, I made the Dean’s List my first three semesters; I hope to continue this pattern throughout my next semesters at Franciscan

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