Franciscan Servant Scholar Program Essay

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The Franciscan Servant Scholar Program is a program which would help me continue my journey I have started during my high school career of finding my true callings for service, faith and my future career.
I hope the Franciscan Servant Scholar Program can help me build upon my passions and find my calling for my future career. My passion is helping others I’ve found that by volunteering. I want to make a difference in the lives of people in need and children. Because of my experience as a Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) I realized not only do I love helping people but I want to center my life around helping children. I've been involved in many different types of service activities but the one that has impacted me the most was being a YVC I volunteer over the summers supervising and mentoring children from second to eighth grade. Over each summer I've seen myself and the children grow, both helping each other see the world through others eyes. I still visit the kids I've had in the past years and seeing them go off into high school shocks and excites me because I know how mature they grow over the years. Through the summer with the eighth graders the volunteers try to help them mature to
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My junior year I was asked to be a junior retreatant for Kairos little did I know this would change my spirituality and views on life. Before Kairos I prayed daily but now I feel a deeper connection to God. God has given me a path thought out. One specific quote which stays with me from Kairos is “God doesn't say no. He says yes, not now or I have something better,” this quote is a reminder to me God's plan isn't always what you want but your plan in all for a purpose. Senior year I was called to be a leader to my fellow seniors on their Kairos this helped me become open and closer to myself, my classmates and

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