Franciscan Values In Research Paper

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I have planned and used the Franciscan Values in my life time by helping out others like my friends, family, teachers, co workers, bosses, my peers, and elders. Respect is an important value for me when it comes to everyone. I like to give and get respect I will always respect everybody and they should do the Same. I show respect by listening to others when they're talking like my teacher when she is in class, giving a the new lesson for that day I give my undivided attention. Also being there when someone is having a hard time whether if they're going threw hard times in life or if it it's something good. When I give you my respect it's because I have seen that you have given and gotten that respect. Another important value is having trust. When I tell my vulnerabilities to people I …show more content…
When I give trust now I would like them to do the same with me, but when you lose trust is hard to build it back up and getting that same confidence that you had with that person before. Having a joyful service to me it's doing something that makes you happy so you're there to in joy it. When I was in my Ceramics and Art class I had a joyful service because I liked drawing and planning things out on paper how I wanted my design to turn out, I like being creative and getting thing right, like to learn from my mistakes and making it even better. People that joined these class is are because they want to be there and we have something in common, and for that reason it made it a joyful service. I like being in classes that we all help each other out when we need it. In math I don't always get some of the math problems so I ask my teacher if she can rephrase it and go even deeper threw the steps so I can understand it much better. A joyful service that I do at work is I help other out, when someone has a lot of menus I help them on keying them in the computer or serving the residents there food. At the end it's a joyful service because we all help to get the job

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