Franciscan Values

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Three important Franciscan values at St. Bonaventure include discovery, community, and individual worth. I could relate to how minimally these values were portrayed throughout the book “Nobody” by Marc Lamont Hill. I grew up sheltered from most of the ugly in the world, but that did not stop me from seeing people oppress the vulnerable.

It was tragic to hear the stories of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, and the countless other victims of “America’s war on the vulnerable.” My heart dropped when I was reading Darren Wilson’s testimony. Wilson referred to Michael Brown as “it.” Wilson’s statement, “I shot it”, was ignorant and showed how little he cared for the individual worth of a human being. Later, I found an example of the value of community, Michael Brown became symbolic, he was something his community could rally around. Brown’s community grew as people as they
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We do not clearly see that everyone has good in them and that each and every life is worth wile. To fix our corrupt view of life and the world around us we should look more into something this book did not have a lot examples of, discovery. Taking time to truly open up our eyes and see what is going around us, growing as a person, and realizing that diversity is a wonderful thing that will only further our knowledge are all great ways to value discovery.

“Nobody” has really opened my eyes to the real world. I see what has happened outside of my sheltered community. It is upsetting that simple, humane values such as discovery, community, and individual worth were hardly visible in the book and across the world. The vulnerable people who are labeled and treated as “nobodies” in the book are indeed somebodies who deserved better. My heart feels for these people and their families. This feeling makes me want to spread awareness of how little we value discovery, community, and individual worth when these values should be at the top of our

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