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  • Personal Narrative-Formal Theater Concert Analysis

    concert was at the Oriental Theater in Denver, Colorado. While the theater is old, it still attracts families, friends and couples. The theater reopened after a facelift from new ownership 6 years ago, but the history still shines throughout the building. The new owners revitalized the architecture and exterior decorations to display the facelift perfectly, however they kept…

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  • Understand The Difference Between Conhesive And Non Cohesive Subsoils

    It is vital to understand the difference between cohesive and non-cohesive subsoils as described in the assignment scenario. Non-Cohesive Non-cohesive subsoils are sandy in nature and they present less of a problem for building on. They are composed mainly of sand and gravel, and they are closely compacted together which means that they are not affected by water. Therefore, their load bearing capacity does not change with the various seasons, summer or winter, drought or flood, it makes no…

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  • Farnsworth House Architecture

    Space is arguably one of the most important and powerful elements of architecture. Before architecture was the building and making of buildings, now in more recent times architecture is also considered the study and interpretation of space. In terms of architecture space is not empty. It has the potential to become a place where people interact and go about their daily lives. Space utilizes many modifying elements for an architectural reason to enhance the experience of occupying a certain space…

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  • Washington Dc 11th Street Bridge Project

    Washington DC: 11th Street [The Need] Bridges are no different than any other form of infrastructure, eventually they break down and need to be either repaired or replaced. Inspection occurs at least every two years, yet bridges are often pushed to their absolute limits of usability. In Washington DC, the 11th Street Bridge Project aims to replace two bridges built in the 1960s with three new bridges. With these bridges having been in place for nearly 50 years, there were numerous issues. For…

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  • Building Structural Vulnerability

    Building structure is a combination of several aspects that act as a building. The information about the building structure is significant to assess the structural vulnerability of a building from various hazards. The construction materials, style and type of the buildings depends on the usage such as residential, commercial, light industrial and special buildings. The building construction types for the residential buildings are separate houses, semi-detached and apartment buildings.…

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  • Haunted House Research Paper

    make this haunted house the creepiest ever. Instead of ignoring the event, I decided to gather some people from both classes and start to plan about the haunted house. First of all, we needed to find a place for it. Because we had moved to the new buildings, there were limited places for us to use for the haunted house. At first, we thought about the place that the last year seniors had used, but Amanda, one of the representatives from the other class, said that we got more students this year,…

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  • Why Architecture Matters By Paul Goldberger

    when critiquing a building our thoughts are based on the buildings form as a whole, one defined object or boundary made up of different components which creates the overall look, structure and how it fits into the contextual surroundings. In the text “Why Architecture Matters” Paul Goldberger, shows that not only the outer boundary or façade is important but that there is another dimension which is often open to wider interpretation and often disregarded when thinking about a building. This…

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  • Osh B Gosh Case Study

    The company that I have conducted this project on is Osh Kosh b’Gosh. The store is located at Tanger Outlet in Gonzales at 2400 Tanger boulevard #151, Gonzales, LA 70737. The construction of the building consists of sheetrock and steel. The ceiling of the building is open, meaning that there are no tiles to separate the air duct and the insulation. This can seem dangerous because insulation is flammable, but the ceiling is higher than most other stores around it that have the tiles separating…

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  • Harbour Cay Condominium In Cocoa Beach: A Case Study

    There have been many structural failures in recent history due to engineering oversight, material use, building practices and many other problems. The Harbour Cay Condominium in Cocoa Beach Florida is one example of a structural failure. The Condominium was being built in 1981, would be five stories tall, contain forty five units, and twenty eight townhouses. On March 27, 1981 the workers were placing the concrete roof slab when the top floor collapsed subsequently causing the lower floors to…

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  • Hardieplank Research Paper

    James Hardie Building Products revolutionized the siding industry with the introduction of HardiePlank, a fiber cement siding that provides superior resistance to fire and insects. The texture of HardiePlank closely mimics traditional wood siding, and the product is available in a wide range of colors or primed so that homeowners can paint it to match or contrast with the rest of the exterior. Due to its strength, durability and classic appearance, HardiePlank has become the most popular siding…

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