Financial ratios

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  • Michael Kos Swot Analysis

    REVENUE AND GROWTH According to historical data, Michael Kors had a constant growth in revenue since 2013 at a rate around 30% to 50%. Michael Kors has opened numbers of new stores include traditional stores located in malls and some special store in tax-free area in the airports. Also, the advertising and promotion help Michael Kors to be more popular among younger generations and white-collar office workers. Without worrying about losing consumers, those loyal customers make it possible for…

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  • Megaworld: An Analysis Of Liquidity Ratio

    Analysis of Liquidity Liquidity Ratios: Liquidity ratios are the ratios that measure the capacity of an organization to meet its fleeting obligation commitments. These ratios measure the capacity of an organization to pay off its transient liabilities when they fall due. The liquidity ratios are an aftereffect of separating cash and other fluid resources by the fleeting borrowings and current liabilities. They demonstrate the quantity of times the transient obligation commitments are secured by…

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  • Madison Plc Case Study

    The initial phase in evaluating a potential business venture is to figure out if the business is gainful and how the business has performed over its late history. Request budgetary reports that incorporate the previous three years ' financial plans and government forms, a monetary record, current records receivables, income projections and benefit and misfortune proclamations. Look at these to decide the business ' present total assets, its deals and cost patterns and where the organisation…

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  • Goldman Sachs Case Study

    Goldman Sachs Group in the financial system. Assess its exposure and performance from 2009-2016, after the global financial crisis, including a comparison with peers. How well did it do?” 1. Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a leading global finance firm that provides services in investment banking, investment management and security markets. Founded in 1869, the firm is based in New York but maintains branches in other international financial centres, including…

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  • Case Study Of Initial Stock Report: Kelly Services Inc.

    company, and see how the industry played out in the market. I wanted to evaluate their financials as a worldwide company in comparison to smaller companies that are just located within the United States. Kelly Services Inc. appears to have good short term financial standings based on their liquidity ratios listed below: Liquidity Ratio Name Liquidity Ratio Amount Current Ratio 1.50 Quick Ratio 1.50 Cash Ratio .05 Kelly Service Inc (KELYA) Stock Analysis - (n.d.). Retrieved…

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  • Analysis Of Starbucks Long-Term Return On Investments

    greater than 5% (cost of debt) with only one unfavorable year for financing in 2013 probably due to the impending lawsuit. By the end of 2013, Starbucks had total assets of $11,517 million and total liabilities of $7037 million produced a debt-to-asset ratio of…

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  • Inari Amertron Berhad Case Study

    According to the peer analysis that has been carried out, INRI has a moderate P/E ratio among its competitors (peer high 32.95; peer low 13.61). The ROE of INRI is the highest among its peers. The EBITDA margin is relatively lower than its peers and the net profit margin is slightly higher than the average of the peer group (14.09%).…

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  • Financial Ratio Analysis Of Dutch Lady

    5. Financial ratio analysis – Interpretation (External analysis) Current Ratio The current ratio of Dutch Lady in year 2013 is 1.91 times. It means that it has RM1.91 in current asset for every RM1 in current liability. It also means that Dutch Lady has its current liability covered 1.91 times over. The current ratio of Nestle in year 2013 is 0.90 times. It means that it has RM0.90 in current asset for every RM1 in current liability. It also means that Nestle has its current liability covered…

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  • JB Hi-Fi Profitability Ratio Analysis

    Profitability Ratios The productivity of an organisation and its ability to produce profits is measured using profitability ratios (Žager, Sačer & Dečman 2012). Two ratios which measure profitability are net profit margin and gross profit margin. Another two ratios which assess how sufficiently assets are being used are the return on total assets and asset turnover. JB Hi-Fi’s net profit margin remained stable over the 5 year period with its lowest recorded result in 2012 with 4.74%. In 2015,…

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  • East Coast Yachts Case Study

    1) Calculate all of the ratios listed in the industry ratios table for East Coast Yachts. Industry Ratios Ratio Formula Values Answer Lower quartile Median Upper quartile Current ratio current assets/Current liabilities 51,123,050/50,584,750 1.01 0.86 1.51 1.97 Quick ratio current assets-Inventory/Current liabilities (51,123,050-20,149,650)/50,584,750 0.61 0.43 0.75 1.01 Total asset turnover sales/total assets 611,582,000/401,558,750 1.52 1.10 1.27 1.46 Inventory turnover cost of goods…

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