Financial ratios

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  • Hyundai Case Study Solution

    Hyundai.The current ratio is reflecting the satisfactory current position of the firm as it is near approximately 2:1. It's the time it takes to convert a company's working capital assets into cash to pay its current obligations that is the key to its liquidity. Both the companies - Hyundai & Honda motors have had the current ratio above 1. But, Hyundai is in a better liquidity position than Honda as it has an ample margin of assets over current liabilities, a seemingly good current ratio…

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  • Mah Sing Case Analysis Essay

    expenditure incurred. High cash piles offers security against tough times and provide the company more options for future growth. Company ought to keep enough cash to cover their financial obligations as well as near-term cash requirements and hold a little bit more in case of any emergencies. Cash-rich Mah Sing…

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  • Ambo And Robi-Brga Cooperative Union Case Study

    5.2 Conclusions  From the above findings, it is concluded that the value of comparative study on financial performance of Ambo and Robi-berga farmers’ cooperatives unions,:  Liquidity ratios: like current ratio, quick ratio, absolute liquid ratio and networking capital ratio of Ambo farmers’ cooperative union was good liquidity position during the study periods. So, the ratios of Ambo cooperative union were above the standards, hence the Ambo union was paid short-term obligations. However,…

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  • Michael Kos Swot Analysis

    REVENUE AND GROWTH According to historical data, Michael Kors had a constant growth in revenue since 2013 at a rate around 30% to 50%. Michael Kors has opened numbers of new stores include traditional stores located in malls and some special store in tax-free area in the airports. Also, the advertising and promotion help Michael Kors to be more popular among younger generations and white-collar office workers. Without worrying about losing consumers, those loyal customers make it possible for…

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  • Case Study: Pace Leisurewear Limited

    Financial report for Pace Leisurewear Limited Pace Leisurewear Limited (PLL) is experiencing rapid development and achieving a sales boost in the recent years. In order to support the business expand, the company utilised an overdraft of £4,250,000 as well as more loan notes last year. The excess usage of the overdraft increased serious attention from the bank, and therefore a considerable reduction in the overdraft was required by the bank. However, the big order from Arena will be unfulfilled…

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  • Case Study Of Orica's Credit Policy

    the impact on ROE as stated above). Combined with Orica's Debt to asset ratio increasing from (XX) to (XX) in 2012, Orica is financing almost 60% of its assets through debt (increasing their total liabilities by $624m). Orica needs to review its borrowing practises and debt financing as these high ratios show that they are relying more on debt than in the past (which results in increased interest expense). These high ratios also imply that Orica is becoming more capital intensive, which is…

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  • Inari Amertron Berhad Case Study

    According to the peer analysis that has been carried out, INRI has a moderate P/E ratio among its competitors (peer high 32.95; peer low 13.61). The ROE of INRI is the highest among its peers. The EBITDA margin is relatively lower than its peers and the net profit margin is slightly higher than the average of the peer group (14.09%).…

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  • Private Capital Case Study: Apple Inc.

    the company to invest in, are Current Ratio, Acid Test (Liquidity), Receivable turnover ( activity), financial leverage, debt ratio, Degree of indebtness (debt), Gross Profit Ratio, Net profit Margin, Earnings per share, among others.…

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  • Tesco Case Study

    to 3% in 2009, 2.6% in 2010 and just 1.2% in the first few weeks of 2011. The expansion in Tesco business and minor downfall in sales growth despite recession are interesting factors that forced me to select Tesco Plc for the said assignment Financial Analysis of Tesco plc 3.1 Economic Growth of Tesco The worldwide economic conditions have directly influenced the Tesco performance. But UK’s economic condition has played the principal and major role in its slowed down growth of sale that…

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  • Financial Forecasting Paper

    Finance Forecasting Introduction Financial forecasting involves an understanding of all the financial statements since one statement is not apt for analyzing the financial health of a company. Financial forecasting is important in enabling the business owners and management make smart managerial, investment, and financial decisions. It is also important in ascertaining whether the company is making profits or losses as well as determine whether the company is growing and as such would continue…

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