Financial ratios

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  • Apple Company Bond Analysis

    The purpose of this paper is to analyze Apple’s stocks and bonds to determine whether an individual investor should invest in this company. I will use financial statements, reports from previous years, and ratio analyses. Combined this data will determine whether to add Apple to an investor’s portfolio or whether they should look for another investment opportunity. I will use various sources to gather information on the companies short and long term debt, credit rating, and interest rates to…

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  • Ratio Analysis Of Micron

    Ratio Analysis As of today, April 3, 2015, Micron has a P/E ratio of 8.66. Over the past 13 years, the highest P/E ratio of Micron was 115.75 and the lowest was 3.54. The overall median is 17.92. MU’s P/E ratio is ranked higher than 97% of the 1178 companies within the Global Semiconductor Memory Industry. This shows a positive sign of growth and that MU is outperforming other companies. The return on assets is 17.82% (as of Nov. 2014), while the minimum is -17.31% and the max was 18.39%. MU is…

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  • Westlake Chemical Corporation Case Study

    stronger financial profile, ability to seize future investment opportunities, ability to serve customers more effectively, and improved financial flexibility. Westlake Corporation also wrote a letter to employees to inform them of these benefits and urge them to avoid discussing the proposal with outsiders. The takeover was completed in August at $33 per share, a total of $3.8 billion including debt and liabilities. The acquisition was received by shareholders as a crucial way to enhance…

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  • Harvey Norman Holdings Report: Accounting Concepts And Practices

    Emerging from the Director’s Report 5 Discussion of Corporate Governance Statement 5 Key Financial Ratios 6 An Outlook of Harvey Norman’s Market Value and Investment Opportunities 7 Conclusion and Recommendations 8 Executive Summary This business report will briefly focus explaining the financial health of Harvey Norman Holdings limited. By highlighting key performance factors and results in the Annual Financial Report for 2013, this business reports will help potential investors make…

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  • Market Capitalization Of Intel And AMD

    Index had a return of 12%. When we dig deeper into the financials of these two companies we find out why Intel has a far larger market capitalization compared to AMD.…

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  • Motorola Liability

    90 times in 2014. The measurement reduced to 4.22 times coverage in 2012 as the level of short-term debt and accrued expenses/liabilities rose substantially. The most liquid measurement of quick ratio was also above 1:1 at 5.90 times coverage in 2011 and 4.18 times coverage in 2012. Current and quick ratios were similar in 2011 since it did not hold any inventories. The acquisition of Motorola Mobility in 2012 introduced inventories to company at a small level of $505 million compared to the…

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  • Sales Growth And Firm's Profitability Case Study

    firm’s profitability negatively. From their study, the firms could maximize their profitability by achieving the lowest level of leverage. Previous researches completed by Gill, Biger and Mathur (2010) and Lazaridis and Tryfonidis (2006) used financial debt ratio as a proxy of leverage. Both of their results indicated negative relationship between firm leverage and the dependent variable. This means that the leverage is inversely with the profitability of firms. The reason given by Lazaridis…

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  • Cara Operations: Case Study

    Financial Overview Cara Operations is a pretty large company, with total dollar sales of $900.5 million (Cara Reports Q2 2016 Results, 2016). Market capitalization is equal to the current share price of the company multiplied by the number of outstanding shares of the company. Cara’s current stock price is $24.84 and their number of shares outstanding are 24.43M. Therefore, Cara’s market capitalization would be $24.84 x 24.43M = $606.8M. CHL will continue to hold 14,492,906 Multiple Voting…

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  • Analysis Of Tesla's Corporate Level Strategy

    purchasing an expensive car that need to satisfy their expectations. Financial Ratios Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) According to the…

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  • Under Armour And Nike: Financial Analysis

    On the attached Excel workbook, a look at Under Armour and Nike can be found. These two companies will be looked at in order to determine which would be a better company to invest in. In the below document, a more in depth financial performance can be found. Three-Year Returns The first look at these two companies is in regards to their three-year returns. These returns are based off a random seven-day stock period in order to determine how these two companies compare. Under Armour demonstrated…

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