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  • Assignment On ACA

    1 John Xuan Dinh RMI 2101 Prof. Wilkins Fall 2016 Homework Assignment 5 20 Points A. What is the ACA? Explain in detail the purpose of the law and how it is intended to operate. What are the key features of the ACA? [10 Points] Health care in the United States has many serious long term issues. First, there are millions of uninsured people. Second, people who do have insurance tend to pay more for it than they would in other comparable countries. The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare,…

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  • Accounting Case Study: Linbarger Bottling Company

    Questions 1. What is the accounting problem that the Linbarger Bottling Company faces? Linbarger has a bank reconciliation problem. Bank reconciliation stimulates the accountant to prove an actual funds balance for insertion into the assets of a company at any time. Bank reconciliation is a monthly process by which activity is matched up on a bank statement to ensure that everything is accurately recorded in the company books. Though banking has moved more towards automatic and electronic…

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  • Gary Newberry Case Study

    M. Gary Newberry, trading the markets involves risk. You understand that taking the SharkMethod Trading™ course or having the SharkManual™ does not guarantee profits or success for the users of the techniques contained within. You must understand and be aware of the risks before you trade and know that losses can and do occur. The information contained herein is believed to be reliable, however, it is subject to change without notice and cannot be guaranteed as to its accuracy and…

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  • 2008 Financial Crisis Report

    The financial crisis that took place in 2008 is said to be, according to many economists, one of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression that took place in 1920s. The crisis threatened the collapse of many large businesses and stock markets dropped worldwide. The housing market also suffered causing evictions and a large unemployment rate. Many people were afraid for their future and the future of their companies during this time, as they turned to the media for information and…

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  • UNLV Accounting Case Study

    investigating tax fraud in large corporations to providing critical analysis of data to financial decision makers. Despite the wide range of jobs in the accounting profession, UNLV’s accounting major prepares its students for any direction they wish to take with a wonderful array of internships, clubs, and programs. According to the Oxford Dictionary, accounting is “the action or process of keeping financial accounts (2016).” In reality the definition is much more complicated. Each branch of…

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  • Lpl External Factors

    External Factors Political, Economic, Social, and Technological (PEST) Analysis The subject of PEST analysis: Whether LPL Financial an existing top-rated independent broker-dealer should offer entrepreneurs access to capital through equity crowdfunding. Political Increase in governmental oversight to safeguard the public New regulations related to accessing capital Dodd-Frank Act Sarbanes-Oxley Act SEC regulations Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) regulations Stringent FINRA…

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  • Citigroup Failure

    that took those extreme measures was the United States of America. The 2007-2009 financial crisis caught the world by surprise and led to a renewed interest in understanding the inner workings of our financial systems and the consequence of not abiding by the governmental rules put in place to regulate those financial systems. With the collapse of investment bank powerhouse, Lehman Brothers in 2008, the worst financial crisis since…

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  • England Financial Crisis

    have been dramatic changes in the financial sector, So these changes are having a serious effect in the world and has been affected by one of the most major financial and economic crisis in recent history these not only raised the instability of the financial markets but also stopped their normal function as tools to allocate economic resources efficiently and effectiveness throughout the real economy (Kapoor,2010) , While a variety of definitions of the term financial crisis have been…

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  • Fair G Fallacy Formula Essay

    A. Calculate the expected value of the alternating St. Petersburg lottery in form of an infinite series? Fair gamble: In the Lottery gamble, this is chance of winning or losing for the person. A lottery is a fair gamble L=[x, -x; 1/2, 1/2\] Such that Ex= Where, x is the random variable events. The St. Petersburg Paradox: S. No: Outcomes Prices Probability 1 H $2 1/2=0.5 2 TH -$4 1/4=0.25 3 TTH $8 1/8=0.125 4 TTTH -$16 1/16=0.0625 5 TTTTH $32 1/32=0.03125 --- --- --- --- N n(T…..T)H…

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  • The Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH)

    The efficient market hypothesis (EMH) is widely used to analyse the financial market and security prices. The EMH is efficient if public information is totally reflected by asset prices (Malkiel, 2003, p.59). Malkiel (2003, p.59) implies that information of stock market was exactly shown by security market. In the last ten years, the EMH had significant effect on the financial market. This essay aims to show the three main types of the EMH and analyses if the EMH works in the real market economy…

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