Financial ratios

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  • Maxis Berhad Case

    chosen topic 8 on the analysis and evaluation of the business and financial performance of Maxis Berhad over a three year period. Digi Berhad was chosen for the comparative analysis of both business and financial performance against Maxis Berhad. The competitor was chosen on the grounds of it having the same principal activities and is of the similar size as the chosen company. Moreover, both the companies have the same financial accounting year end which makes comparison of data more comparable…

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  • Boston Pizza Swot Analysis 2014

    Pizza Pizza’s current ratio is higher than that of Boston Pizza, with Boston pizza showing a 0.37 decrease and Pizza Pizza showing a 0.22 increase from 2014 to 2015. Cash Current Debt Coverage 2015 2014 Comp. with Prior Year Pizza Pizza 7.83:1 8.24:1 Worse Boston Pizza 12.16:1 10.91:1 Better  Comment: Pizza Pizza’s cash current debt coverage decreased by 0.41 while Boston Pizza’s increased by 1.25. This ratio signifies that Boston Pizza generated 12.16$…

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  • American Apparel Case Study Summary

    significantly and is now negative over the previous year which shows that company not handling operating activities properly and it has no free cash to facilitate company’s expansion, acquisitions and making it financial unstable during difficult market times. Analysis of Activity Ratios Inventory Turnover Inventory Turnover is increasing over the previous years shows that the company is not able to buy raw materials. This means that firm replenished its inventory between 3 and 4 times…

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  • Lincoln Electric Company Case Analysis

    In this analysis we will be focusing on the company’s financials. After assessing their financial situation, we will address their employees’ satisfaction as well as their compensation. Finally, the management style and Lincoln’s production and manufacturing process will be evaluated. Financials Analysis – Issues & Recommendations When assessing The Lincoln Electric Company’s financial position, we decided to look at some financial ratios that indicate strength in categories like profitability…

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  • Case Study: Wamc's Overall Financial Health

    Donors From: Sarah Napolitano, Financial Analyst Subject: WAMC’s Overall Financial Health Date: May, 16 2016 WAMC, a nonprofit public telecommunications entity provided financial statements for the assessment of their overall financial health. WAMC receives substantially all of its support and revenue from listeners, underwriters, fees for the production of programming, and under various federal and state grants. Consequently, in conducting a ratio analysis of the financial statements provided…

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  • ENCORP Berhad: Case Study: Efficiency Analysis In The Company

    2.3 Efficiency Efficiency ratio is commonly used to evaluate how well the company manages their asset and liabilities internally. This ratio goes hand in hand with profitability ratios as it helps to improve the company’s profitability in the business. The efficiency ratio of ENCORP Berhad will calculate by using Fixed Assets Turnover and Debtor’s Collection Period (Appendix ). Figure 2.3.1: Efficiency Analysis of ENCORP Berhad Based on the diagram above, the Fixed Assets gradually…

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  • Red Soda Company Vs Blue Soda Case Study

    determine financial ratios, turnovers, and coverages. Such ratios included the current ratio and the debt to asset ratio. Accounts receivable turnover and asset turnover was used to determine the stability of the company, and Current cash debt coverage was used to help determine liquidity. The following are the results. Liquidity Ratios Liquidity ratios are used to measure a company’s ability to pay debt obligations and its margin of safety. The calculations are determined by the current…

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  • Aristocrat Leisure Limited: Case Study

    increased the debt financing by a big margin, and thus the benefits of its tax shield have increased. This dual increase in debt and equity financing indicates that the company is trying to establish its optimization of financial leverage in order to reduce the cost of financial distress. In addition, the increase in equity financing reduces the costs related to debt financing. By comparing to the equity financing, the table further shows that the company did not low the leverage from debt…

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  • Common Size Income Statement Analysis: The Market Cap Of Eisaalat

    Market Capitalization: It is the number of outstanding share multiplied by the share price of one share. It is used by the investment community to understand the firms size viz Large –cap, small-cap or mid-cap. Larger the Market Capitalization lesser the risk associated with the stock. The market Cap of Etisalat is increasing trend YoY shows the increase in price per share and the high valuation the investment community places on Etisalat share price. Common Size Income Statement Analysis…

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  • Apple Company Bond Analysis

    The purpose of this paper is to analyze Apple’s stocks and bonds to determine whether an individual investor should invest in this company. I will use financial statements, reports from previous years, and ratio analyses. Combined this data will determine whether to add Apple to an investor’s portfolio or whether they should look for another investment opportunity. I will use various sources to gather information on the companies short and long term debt, credit rating, and interest rates to…

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