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  • The Cove Documentary

    footage. Psihoyos juxtaposed the retelling of Mindy-Rae Cruickshank’s story with the cetacean slaughter in Taiji. The use of juxtaposition between the planned interview and raw footage reinforces the message of the detrimental horrific abuse and exploitation imposed on the cetacean species. Therefore, this juxtaposition encouages the viewers to respond sympathetically to the mistreatment of dolphins. Furthermore, the director used raw footage, displaying Japanese fishermen slaughtering the…

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  • The Consequences Of Capitalism By Karl Marx

    will come in the next. This view stops people from challenging the capitalist system. The idea of afterlife allows people to get false class consciousness and this is a way to abuse working class from Capitalists. Instead of being aware of their exploitation, the working classes see it as God’s will where they passively accept things because they think they will get rewarded in the afterlife. People believe that social inequality is normal and natural and by doing so, they are legitimizing it.…

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  • Theme Of Deceit In The Scarlet Letter

    well as a book that was set in the late 1990’s called Speak. The two main characters, Hester Prynne and Melinda Sordino, are both victims of deceit, and are ultimately victims of rabid and passionate sin. Henceforth sexual exploitation vs. Deceit, Deceit vs. sex roles vs. exploitation, and psychological similarities and issues are also what they fall victim to as well. To begin with, in the book Speak, Melinda Sordino’s recovery story is depicting…

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  • Marxism Vs Liberalism

    Liberalism, throughout centuries, has spread and established its values and ideology on a global scale. However, whilst liberal democracy approached towards a process of political universalisation proposing itself as a role model, a countless number of contradictions and limitations emerged from this political system. The so-called “end of history,” eulogised by Francis Fukuyama and achieved by a victorious liberal democracy, has at the same time fostered scepticism and diffidence in the very…

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  • Impact On The Ideas Of Karl Marx's Work

    profits, not to care for the well being of the workers or how they interact and get along with each other. Karl Marx believed that inequality and social division were the main aspects of society. His ideas, including those regarding social class, exploitation, and alienation, have shaped the world we live in today. The current political landscape in our country reflects the divisions that he described long ago. Through the years, his ideas have been criticized as inaccurate and ridiculous, but…

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  • Examples Of Alienation In A Bug's Life

    In the Disney Pixar film, A Bug 's Life, Karl Marx theory of alienation and exploitation are portrayed. The film shows problems of having a capitalist society, and what it does to the working class. Because of these problems within the colony an uprising against its suppressor is established. The film Bug 's Life demonstrates Marx 's theory. In the movie Flik 's colony is being oppressed by Hopper and his gang. Hopper tells the colony that they will provide protection for them as long as the…

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  • Analysis Of Evicted By Matthew

    any guarantee for the poor, the landlord has right to expel (Matthew, 2016, p.303). Except for the lack of legal aid, the poor do not understand or afford legal representatives to deal with their affairs. This is not only unfair but also a direct exploitation. The injustice of the law reflected in the great rights of the landlord, as well as the imperfection of the laws for the poor. It is hard to…

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  • Wealth In The United States: A Marxist Analysis

    The bourgeoisie are also the ones who control the means of production and how the economy is perceived by the masses. The reality of poverty is pushed away to conceal how distorted the United States wealth is distributed. Marx’s focus on the exploitation of capitalism helps recover the issues of poverty and show how it needs to be addressed. Poverty can be shown as the problem it is, if the ideologies pressed on the proletariats are challenged and…

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  • Overview Of Child Abuse And Neglect

    that results in death, serious physical, emotional harm, sexual abuse, exploitation, or neglect; or an act that presents an inevitable exposure to danger or serious harm (Gosselin, 2013). Elder abuse is defined as an intentional, unintentional, or negligent act or abandonment by a caregiver or any other persons that causes serious physical, emotional, or psychological, or sexual harm, self-neglect and financial exploitation on an older or vulnerable adult (U.S. Department of Health and Human…

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  • Paul Kivel's Analysis

    services agencies and social change in our society and mainly my community. His definitions of social service work vs. social change work addressed the needs of individuals, and the impact of institutional systems of exploitation and violence, as well as the root causes of the exploitation and violence respectively, which also was an enlightenment and change some of my views of the subject.…

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