Contradictions Of Capitalist Society

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A capitalist society, according to Marxism, is characterised by the division of labour, exploitation, the class struggle and the class conflict between the capitalists and the labourers as a result of the pursuit of profit (Marsh, 1996, p. 53). It is made up certain structures which enable the society to accumulate wealth and the role of the society is to maintain their structure (Best, 2003, p. 54). This essay will demonstrate the structures of a capitalists society and the contradictions within it while using a relevant and contemporary example of this is in a modern society, in South Africa today.
Karl Marx describes the society as being made up structures which inhabit social relationships and these structures are external and coercive
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These contradictions can be seen as class conflict, the relation between the two classes and how they affect each other and the confrontation that can rise as a result of the conflict. South Africa is one of the countries that show the relevance that this type of society has in the modern society today. Therefore, a capitalist society can be stated as a society made up of certain structures which lead to conflict and contradiction and the only way to fix this society is through the labourers as they have the power to stop and transition this society.

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