The Importance Of Conflict Theory In Society

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Throughout this semester we discussed multiple theories that help individuals in the field of sociology understand how our society is constructed. Theories are developed through observations of society. Theories provides basic assumption of how our world interacts and attempts to provide a rational explanation of cause-and-effect relationships of a phenomenon. Theories such as Social Learning, Conflict, and Role-Taking, play a role within our society.

Social Learning theory is an ongoing development that effects the individual. This theory is a lifelong process where we learn our culture, develop our sense of self, shapes attitudes, what we value, morals and become functioning members of society (Bemiller, 2016). There are four stages
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Conflict Theory is based off the unequal justice of the social class status of our society. Karl Marx argued that individuals and groups within society have differing amounts of material and non-material resources (bourgeoisie vs proletarians). Bourgeoisie are those individuals who own the product or industry; also referred to as the rich. The proletarians are those individuals who work within the industry and make the products; known as the working class (Bemiller, 2016). Individuals with power abuse their authority in order to exploit the individuals with less significant control. This theory suggests that because the bourgeoisie have money and power they are able to carry out any act toward society without getting punished. Or they do get punished but are not severely charged for that action. But if a proletarian would have committed the same action they would get severely charged for it. Conflict theory mostly occurs within our justice system, where the lower class is heavily targeted for criminal activity. Whereas the upper class is not or officials know about the illegal activity but look the other …show more content…
Social construction of reality is “the process by which people use their background assumptions and life experiences to define what is real for them” (Bemiller, 2016). People’s social construction of reality are shaped through life experiences and environments in which they live in. Such as social class, gender and ethnicity. Individual who live in different social classes have different perspectives of society. The upper class may not understand how to work hard where the lower class works hard in order to move up in the social class latter. As for gender, women are treated differently within the workforce then men, which constructs their reality and who they live. The same goes for what ethnic group one belongs to because within our society race I a factor in some cases. For instance, the civil rights movement, African American individual were treated unfairly. This was the reality that they had to deal with for a number of years up until the civil rights movement. But till this day, there are still cases of mistreatment based upon

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