Capitalist Economy In The United States

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Q1: What makes a state with a capitalist economy versus a state with a different economy different is that it is referred to as a free market economy. Capitalist states usually have a two class system within them where they have the owners (producers and distributors) and those who work for labor in exchange for currency. This kind of economy is ran by businesses owned by people. But this kind of job requires knowledge and training to gain the producing and distributing profession. These kinds of companies that run the economy seek to make a profit. The difference between a regular economy and a capitalist economy is that it has no government interference meaning they regulate their own prices on anything an individual has to pay. Another characteristic …show more content…
Capitalism and democracy were supposed to go hand-in-hand to enhance freedom for individuals in the United States. Democracies purpose was not only to make people free and fair within elections and political views but to also achieve a greater good for citizens. Capitalist states have their pros, such as inequalities of income and wealth, heightened job security, and environmental hazard. This allows for the democratic societies to address these issues. As time continues the USA and many other countries such as Japan and China has created striving capitalist countries, but also face the same problems that America faces with capitalist ideals. Capitalism is only used to increase currency within our economy. And democracy is used to help citizens express their thoughts on how I would S ideals and their function should be distributed into private businesses as well as public …show more content…
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