Networking Internship Essay

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Exploitation of Interns For The Sake Of Networking
Networking, which entails communicating and interacting with other people to exchange information and develop contacts in a bid to advance ones career, is one of the most important concepts in today’s business world. For many years, this concept has influenced what students do after completing their degrees and diplomas. After college, most students seek out internships in organizations in an attempt to expand their networks and improve their chances of getting potential employment opportunities. In most cases, internships are unpaid and this means that these graduates provide free labor to the organizations. This can be seen as exploitation as the organizations benefit from free
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As much as internship is now an official stage in the job market, in the sense that it helps the potential employees gain exposure and experience, not paying them is unfair. This is because as seen earlier, everything today comes at a cost or a price. These interns maybe working free butare expected to pay their bills. The worst part about this predicament is that some companies work every day and thus do not allow for free days. This therefore means that the interns have no other source of income thus continue depending on their parents even after school (Oldman, Hamadeh and Princeton Review (Firm), …show more content…
Keeping in mind that communication in any organization follows a path of rules and guidelines set by the staff, it is a key competence in any organization. Communications theories help build the culture of the organization and if disoriented in any way, it suffers inefficiency. For instance, the critical theory of organizational communication suggests that conflict is inevitable in any organization. This is because all stakeholders in the organization need something and they all keep pushing towards it despite all odds. Therefore, it is the duty of upper management to motivate the lower management. From the above analysis, the unpaid employees tend to feel oppressed and demoralized and this can be very dangerous for the organization. The theory helps resolve problems between employees and unify them towards a common goal and it cannot work if some employees are not

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