Should College Athletes Be Paid In College Essay

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Each year the National Collegiate Athletic Association, also known as the NCAA, assists more than 460,000 scholar-athletes with the ability to succeed in class, sports, and life (“Where”). College students perform many money saving and money generating functions at their universities from teaching aides to student services volunteers to student athletes; most of these students pay tuition, while some of them not only have their tuition paid for them, but would also like to be paid. Whether or not student athletes should be paid to play college sports has become a controversial issue in America. College sports are beloved by the American public who believe the college athlete should receive a college education. While some people say college …show more content…
An internship is hands on training in the field which the student is studying to get experience that could not come from class time, and in most cases, college interns are not paid. The students will work the same hours as the professionals in that field, and in some situations 12 hour shifts or more. Students will not have any compensation for the work they will do, that is, students are not professionals they are there to learn (Tepper). The Maricopa Community Colleges have a nursing program that has an internship that is not paid; I will be attending this nursing program, and will not be compensated for the work I will be doing as an intern in the hospital, or nursing home. I will be on my feet to learn what it takes to be a nurse, not expecting a paycheck. Internships offer students so much experience that employers are looking for, and not all learning can come from books. Interns, in a way are like amateurs, pro sports are looking for the best players, like employers are looking for the best interns. No intern or amateur should receive a paycheck for learning the career they chose to be in; it would be discriminating to other students. If nursing interns, like many other interns, do not get a paycheck for all the hard and caring work they do, student athletes should not get a paycheck to play a sport they enjoy playing. Although some would suggest the demands would make them like employees. Many college athletes already receive some sort of scholarship to help pay for their education that many interns do not have that same

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