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  • Importance Of Adventure In Self-Efficacy And Interpersonal Skills

    THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL & CONTINUING EDUCATION Advanced Diploma In Adventure-based Leadership Module1: Theoretical Foundations of Experiential Learning and Adventure-based Education Individual report on the reviewed literature on use of adventure in self-efficacy and interpersonal skills Adventure is the integration of experience and concept. Nobody can do for you. Adventure activity or learning is widely applied among youth growth. (See appendix). Youth who…

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  • Biological Changes In Early Adulthood

    Early adolescent period is a crucial part of human development. It is at this stage that students go through dramatic changes in their biological, psycho social and lastly their cognitive development. All these changes occur simultaneously and in a lot of times they are occurring interpedently. As a result these changes have massive effect on the academic achievement and the students learning experience as a whole (Wugfield, Lutz & Wagne, 2005). One of the major biological changes…

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  • William H. Cotton Scholarship Analysis

    whole child is a charge I am committed to seeing through to fruition at Dallas ISD. This scholarship will allow me to continue my education and research on effectively meeting our student’s needs in Dallas ISD. Ultimately, my goal is to create a community center that partners with Dallas ISD to provide services such as counseling, homework help, art therapy and experiential activities to continue to build the connection between SEL and academics. It’s my hope that Credit Union of Texas will…

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  • Mindfulness-Based Intervention

    moment-to-moment experience and being aware of individual’s inner and outer worlds, including thoughts, emotions, sensations, actions and surroundings (Brown & Ryan, 2003). During these interventions, employees can learn through a variety of experiential and contemplative exercises, so they know how to intentionally pay attention to their ongoing sensory, cognitive, and emotional experiences without elaboration upon or judging any part of this experience (Kabat‐zinn,…

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  • Teaching And Learning Pedagogy, Curriculum And Culture Case Study

    that there is not much explicit reference to theories in public policy anyway. To him, an ‘influential’ theory is rather that which has affected classroom practices the most and has taken a lot of space within the public debate and discourse on education. In this chapter Moore attempts to review the work of Skinner, Piaget, Vygotsky and Bruner,…

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  • Essay On Place Based Education

    To understand place-based education, first one must define what place-based education is. Place based education is " learning that is rooted in what is local, the unique history, environment, culture, economy, literature, and art of a particular place”( Sobel ,2004.23 ). Students should learn about what is going on within their environment before they learn about other environments. When students learn about their own environment first they can make comparisons to other environments based off…

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  • Reflection Of A Physical Education Teacher

    Stereotypes from past experiences as well as the media have almost formed how most individuals view a physical education teacher. Most people have an idea of what a “good” phys-ed teacher and also what a “bad” phys-ed teacher should be like. Personally, a good physical education teacher should be athletic, a good leader or role model, a strong communicator, confident in their abilities, motivational, organized, creative, and enthusiastic. There are plenty other characteristics that a phys-ed…

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  • Importance Of Progressivism In Education

    PROGRESSIVISM IN EDUCATION Education is the process of acquiring, processing and applying information. Everybody has a different way of obtaining information. That’s why so many theories have occurred. Progressivism is one of them. It is a theory of education mostly deals with learning by doing. Progressivism is the form of pragmatisim which is adjusted into education. In pragmatisim, change is seen as the essence of reality. So, in the movement of progressivism in education philosophy, it is…

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  • International Experience

    International Experience Through the article “International Experiences Benefit Pre-Service Teachers”, author and Executive Director of Global Teacher Education Caitlin Haugen, highlights the positive effects of international student teaching programs. Haugen promotes internationalization in colleges of education by providing necessary resources, and connecting interested and committed educators. The article strives to present the audience with critical information regarding the challenges…

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  • Revel Reflection Report

    the children’s spiritual, social, moral, and cultural education as well as in the more traditional academic subjects. The way to achieve this is through creating a ‘learning culture’ in the school in which all stakeholders such as the Church, teachers, support staff, the wider community and first and foremost the children themselves, regard learning as an enjoyable, lifelong process which has intrinsic value. The outcome of such an education should be far more than ensuring that the children are…

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