The Importance Of Education In Education

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Above, we see Nora highlights the prominent issue about common schools—education for whom? Nora believes that not all children have access to the curriculum based on the now dominant English content. Also, she believes the curriculum used by educators today has negatively affected students’ mindset.
Another parent, Susan, adds to this discussion about how the curriculum has changed for her children. Susan, who has a middle school aged son, feels that the curriculum today lacks a holistic approach. As she points out,

my son’s days at school are crammed with lessons and content focused on testing scores and not on how he is doing in school. He doesn’t have much time for down time, lunch or even recess and I am not happy about this! The school’s
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One such content, then, has been the arts program and students exposure to it. Two important findings emerged as a result of my interviews. On the one hand, some parents expressed that their children were not being provided sufficient opportunities to engage in the arts. On the other hand, some parents believed their children were receiving opportunities to engage with art programs at school. For example, Nora shared that she believes that her daughters are receiving “a moderate amount” of exposure in the arts. She expressed concerned with the bureaucratic policies in education today, that prioritizes some things and ignores others. As she tells us, “They [schools] do what they can with the limited time allotted because the focus is certainly the core curriculum and not the arts.” Both Gabriel and Susan add that they too feel that their children are receiving “a moderate amount” of art education. Vino, meanwhile, makes the declarative statement “none at all” when he was asked. From the above parent perspectives we see, then, that for some students experience with the arts has become …show more content…
Jessica and Carlos add that they believe their children are receiving arts in their schools. As Carlos tells us, “every time I go and visit my daughter’s school, I notice a lot of student work on display.” For the above parents, schools were providing their children with adequate experience with the arts. Nevertheless, much of my research demonstrates the unfortunate reality that students are being exposed to limited exposure to

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