Annotated Bibliography: Customized Learning Theory Annotated Bibliography

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Customized Learning Theory Annotated Bibliography
Baeten, M., Dochy, F., Struyven, K., Parmentier, E., & Vanderbruggen, A. (2016). Student-centered learning environments. An investigation into student teachers’ instructional preferences and approaches to learning. Learning Environments Research: an international journal, 19(1), 43-62.10.1007/s10984-015-9190-5
This journal article discusses student-centered learning environments. In this type of environment, which is based on the constructivist learning theory, students are required to share much of the responsibility for their learning. In the student-centered learning approach, the role of the teacher is transformed to that of facilitator and mentor. The research questions contained in the
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(2014). Teacher-student interpersonal relationships do change and affect academic motivation: A multilevel growth curve modeling. The British Journal of Educational Psychology, 84(3), 459. Retrieved from Academic motivation plays an important role in learning and scholastic achievement. This study investigates the effects of the teacher–student interpersonal relationship (TSIR) as it concerns student academic motivation. The authors suggest that there is a strong connection between students’ attitude and teachers’ encouragement. Therefore, the article contends that a classroom with a poor social environment can potentially lead to decreased student engagement and even disruptive behavior. The study found that closeness with teachers early on could minimize conflict between students and teachers at later junctures.
Rohrer, D., & Pashler, H. (2010). Recent research on human learning challenges conventional instructional strategies. Educational Researcher, 39(5), 406-412. Retrieved from
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First, the authors suggest that a mixture of studying and testing is more effective than spending the same amount of time just reexamining the material in some other way, such as rereading it. Additionally, the article recommends that material should be presented over multiple sessions instead of all at once, as this leads to higher test scores and better overall retention. Finally, the theories of blocked and interleaving instruction were examined. According to the article, studies show that interleaving (mixing practice on several related skills together) can enhance

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