Experiential education

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  • Adult Learning Reflection

    Reflection on my teaching experience through PG cert program. Working in Nursing & Midwifery Education and Research Department as Nurses Educator since 2008. I realized the value of developing teaching skills based on teaching and learning theories supported by clinical expertise. However, my first teaching experience came in the form of being identified as Instructor Potential (IP) during Life support courses in 2006. The ALS faculty provided me with feedback that I showed enthusiasm to teach,…

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  • Full Mission Simulation Debriefing

    mannequin simulators serves as a teaching technique as it provides safety for students and patients (Shellenbarger & Edwards, 2012). Both undergraduate and graduates can benefit as the use of simulation continues to expand in the field of nursing education. Therefore, it is beneficial for faculty to consider the use of simulation to help graduate nursing students in the clinical nurse educator programs ascertain how to address clinical teaching issues (Shellenbarger & Edwards,…

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  • Bobbitt

    but there is also an omission of the human experience (Bobbitt) that is affecting retention of first-year STEM students. In Scientific Method in Curriculum-Making by Franklin Bobbitt, he provides an example of developing curriculum for vocational education, and this example mirrors the creation and continuation of programs of study at OCTC. According to Bobbitt, educators “set out to discover the major occupations” (p. 15) in the area, and this is the basis for STEM programs of study at OCTC. …

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  • Jean Piaget's Social Cognitive Theory

    Development result from learning that is gained through experience, and this is the basis of the ‘experiential model’ (or experiential learning cycle’). The cycle begins with some kind of concrete experience, professional or personal that the student considers interesting or problematic. Observations and information are gathered about the experience and the student…

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  • Today's Schooling Analysis

    actual education. Learning is a continuous process which never ceases. It is neither defined by age nor confined within boundaries. Moreover, the human mind has unlimited potential to understand and learn.However, the schooling pattern followed in general assumes that a student of a certain age is capable to grasp certain things. According to Mark Twain, the schooling pattern is the institutionalized method of learning which we find in today 's schools, colleges and universities. Education,…

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  • The Importance Of Personal Experiences In Adult Learning

    higher understanding. The concept of this is that the person has gained knowledge throughout the years by their experiences and are able to apply that knowledge to what is being taught to have a deeper understanding. This paper will discuss the Experiential Learning Cycles which are: act, reflect, conceptualize, and apply in which the adult can use their personal experience to learn. (Kolb, 1984). In adult learning there are so many things that can help understand the information being taught.…

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  • Kolb's Learning Style Analysis

    learn more effectively by the identification of their lesser preferred learning styles and the strengthening of these through the application of the experiential learning cycle (McLeod, S. A. 2013). When working with developmental education students, I plan to use this method to possibly bring out my students abilities from each stage of Kolb’s experiential learning cycle because almost everyone needs some kind of push to ignite learning, In conclusion, as we all know learning is based on…

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  • Stroke Education Case Study

    With the management of stroke being very multifaceted and time consuming, nurses frequently underestimate the importance of stroke patient education or worse yet, fail to provide patient education at all. This occurs regardless of the fact that patient education is a crucial component of the nursing process and a mandatory component of retaining the primary stroke certification that Flagler Hospital has worked so hard to attain. Flagler Hospital was recently visited by the Joint Commission for…

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  • Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns

    at all. To me, education is something kids were being force to have; people around me all go to school or study at home. Since I was born and raised in cities, I have never come across anyone who was unable to go to school. I felt that education is a right; but in reality, education is only a privilege. Learning about the life of the two protagonist, in A Thousand Splendid Suns, I came I understand that there are a lot of children out there who would risk their life for education, unlike me who…

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  • Malcolm Knowles Andragogy And David Kolb

    different then how a child learns. It as proven by the research of two gentlemen, Malcolm Knowles and David Kolb. They both had their own, very similar, theories about the adult learner. Malcolm Knowles studied Andragogy and David Kolb researched experiential learning. In this paper, we will explore their theories and how it personally affects me. Although Knowles theory can pertain and be applied to both adults and children alike, it’s focus is primarily to the adult learner. Andragogy, which…

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