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  • Annotated Bibliography: Customized Learning Theory Annotated Bibliography

    Customized Learning Theory Annotated Bibliography Baeten, M., Dochy, F., Struyven, K., Parmentier, E., & Vanderbruggen, A. (2016). Student-centered learning environments. An investigation into student teachers’ instructional preferences and approaches to learning. Learning Environments Research: an international journal, 19(1), 43-62.10.1007/s10984-015-9190-5 This journal article discusses student-centered learning environments. In this type of environment, which is based on the constructivist…

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  • Forensic Analysis

    are certain requirements that are needed to have something count as continued training. The model for this includes entry requirements, program structure and content, assessment mechanisms, and documentation. The entry requirements are just the experiential and academic requirements need from the course. Program structure and content should include a discipline of specifics and core elements of the topic. The standards of conduct would be things like safety, policy, legal aspects, evidence…

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  • Integrated Teaching Through The Arts M. Ed. Program Analysis

    I am applying to the Integrated Teaching Through the Arts M.Ed. program. I currently work in arts education and have been searching for ways to connect my curriculum to core academic subjects. I believe that your program is suited to teach students to navigate this specific challenge. For me, one of the most exciting aspects of Lesley’s program is that it is structured in a way that will allow me to continue my work, and that I will be able to immediately apply my learning to my teaching and…

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  • Higher Education Demographic Analysis

    quality in higher education institutes, specifically through the perspective of international students. Sein Min and Chey Chor Khoon note that demographic factors such as, age, gender, and nationality can affect the overall levels of satisfaction in institutes of higher education (995). The article’s target audience is mainly marketers of higher education, international students and institutes of higher education. Min et. Al claim that, “since students are viewed as customers, education service…

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  • Kolb's Theory Of Experiential Learning Analysis

    Theory is Everywhere: Kolb’s Theory of Experiential Learning “College is hard, but dental school will break you”, is the first statement I heard from a 4th year student when I first started working with students as the graduate assistant for the Office of Student Affairs, within the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. I was shocked and confused by this statement because standing before me was a student who had graduated with a 3.95 grade point average in their undergraduate study and was in…

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  • Service Learning Advantages And Disadvantages

    “That education doesn’t just take place in an isolated library, but that it can take place in other areas.” Service learning courses are a different style of class that can be “intense and time- consuming” according to Haley Madden, Community-Based Learning Graduate…

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  • Improved Student Reflection Paper

    environments can be used in conjunction with contemporary knowledge building strategies, leading to greater innovation in learning’ (Digital Education Advisory Group, 2013 p8). Reflecting on pedagogy helps to deciding on what BYOD models to implement in education. Sweeney (2012) suggests that schools should focus on the following questions ‘What is the purpose of education…

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  • Nora's Argumentative Essay

    Above, we see Nora highlights the prominent issue about common schools—education for whom? Nora believes that not all children have access to the curriculum based on the now dominant English content. Also, she believes the curriculum used by educators today has negatively affected students’ mindset. Another parent, Susan, adds to this discussion about how the curriculum has changed for her children. Susan, who has a middle school aged son, feels that the curriculum today lacks a holistic…

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  • Alan Pritchard's Ways Of Living In Taiwan

    government 's policies. Their main political agenda was to reform Taiwanese people into Chinese. The majority of my class teachers were strict. Corporal punishment was common. The authoritarian rule and the authoritarian education meant that all subjects taught through formal education system were controlled by the government and…

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  • Importance Of Adventure In Self-Efficacy And Interpersonal Skills

    THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL & CONTINUING EDUCATION Advanced Diploma In Adventure-based Leadership Module1: Theoretical Foundations of Experiential Learning and Adventure-based Education Individual report on the reviewed literature on use of adventure in self-efficacy and interpersonal skills Adventure is the integration of experience and concept. Nobody can do for you. Adventure activity or learning is widely applied among youth growth. (See appendix). Youth who…

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