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  • 11 Principles Of Software Engineering: Architecting And Designing Software

    9. Architecting and Designing Software Process of design In terms of software engineering, design can be described as a process to overcome problems that can arise within the proposed system’s functional requirements and the constraints set to ensure quality. All these problems must then be solved whilst keeping in mind the 11 principles of software design. Underneath the overlying problem lies a set of sub-problems that exist within the proposed system design. It can be said that these…

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  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Analysis

    Abstract : This paper presents a practical implementation for simulating the pitching and yawing motions of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and its consequent control using an ARM based SBC Friendly ARM mini2440. A rotary encoder and adxl303 triple axis accelerometer has been used to measure the position and acceleration respectively. The emphasis of this paper is given on the interfacing of the sensors with Friendly ARM mini2440 and the resultant control algorithm implemented on the…

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  • Mapreduce Rendezvous Hasing Based Virtual Hierarchies: The Cassandra Nosql Case Study

    The gradual transformation in data quantity has resulted in emergence of the Big data and immense datasets that need to be stored. Traditional relational databases are facing many difficulties meeting the requirements of the volume and heterogeneity structure of big data. NoSQL databases are designed with a novel data management system that can handle and process huge volumes of data. NOSQL systems provide horizontal scalability by supporting horizontal data partitioning across heterogeneous…

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  • Reflective Statement For Secondary School Reports

    SENIOR AUTOBIOGRAPHY The role of your guidance counselor and teachers in preparing “Secondary School Reports” is to provide an overview of your academic and extracurricular achievement, as well as, some sense of your promise for further personal and intellectual growth. We need your help if we are to provide college admissions officers (or people who will be considering you for scholarships) with a clear picture of what makes you, “you.” Please give us an honest evaluation of yourself by…

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  • Oneconnec In America

    Product Idea Description: The problem manifested through traditional exchange of business cards which stems from the initial point of exchange to the final storage of contact credentials. Traditional business cards despite their prevalent use; has its own limitations and pain points. Specifically, there are three main sources of pain for users, including: 1) Need to always carry a large stack of business cards. 2) Manual process of inputting and organizing contact information to a device.…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Internet

    While ubiquitous Internet access is extremely convenient and enables marvelous new applications for mobile users, it also creates a major security vulnerability—by placing a passive receiver in the vicinity of the wireless transmitter, that receiver can obtain a copy of every packet that is transmitted! These packets can contain all kinds of sensitive information, including passwords, social security numbers, trade secrets, and private personal messages. A passive receiver that records a copy of…

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