Evoked potential

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  • Wingate Test Analysis

    1. What energy system(s) does the Wingate Test rely? Explain. The energy systems that the Wingate test relies on, is glycolysis and ATP-PCr. Anaerobic power is used for high intensity, short duration exercises, and activities. The Wingate test is anaerobic, which will utilize fuel through glycolysis and the ATP-PCr system. The Wingate test is very short in duration, and high in intensity, which means oxygen is not present in this process. The ATP-PCr system breaks down ATP into ADP for energy.…

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  • Ketogenic Diet Case Study

    However, I believe the ketogenic diet has so much potential and promise in the future of medicine for the reason that it does not come in a pill or a liquid medicine bottle. There is no long list of side effects, risk of overdose, or prescription needed with the ketogenic diet. We have become so attached…

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  • Impacts Of Hydropower

    Hydropower is power that is generated from a dam by making water fall from a certain height behind the dam to a power plant that is lower in height. As a result, the water behind the dam has gravitational potential energy, which is converted to kinetic energy as it falls to the power plant. The power plant uses its turbines to convert the kinetic energy to electrical energy. In this assignment, we are figuring out “to what extent can hydropower meet the electrical energy needs in the United…

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  • The Nervous System: Why Do We Respond And React

    Body Responses: Why Do We Respond and React You hear the sound of your favorite song, Hotline Bling, coming from your phone. You think your radio randomly turned on from your phone, but your phone is actually ringing. In a matter of seconds after hearing your phone ring, you run to your phone. Finally, you pick up your phone and answer it. Although a process such as answering your phone may sound simple, there are many activities and processes that are occurring in your body to make answering…

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  • Pendulum And Spring Essay

    Name: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date of Submission: Pendulum and spring Abstract In this lab, two systems namely a pendulum and a spring that exhibit simple harmonic motion were studied. The systems were subjected to a mass of known weight and allowed to oscillate. Afterwards, the period of each was determined. In addition, the harmonic properties in the systems and their limiting factors were determined through quantitative calculations. Introduction Any system that exhibits back and…

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  • Gymnastics Essay

    surface at an angle, the more potential she will have for flips. You can find a gymnast’s angular momentum with the formula: L = (r)(m)(v). By analyzing the equation, you can determine that, while the mass (m) and angular momentum (L) are considered a constant, lowering the distance of the body from the axis of rotation (r), will lead to an increase in velocity (v), this velocity allows for the gymnast to attain the maximum amount of force, leading to more potential for twists and flips while in…

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  • Sciatic Nerve Experiment

    This study analyzed the differences and the relationships of the isolated sciatic nerve in regards to the compound action potential and the neuromuscular junction stimulations of the Rana pipens gastrocnemius. A total of five exercises were used to identify the effects on the stimulation of the sciatic nerve and the gastrocnemius. A dissection for both labs were performed to isolate the nerve and to isolate the gastrocnemius. Both experiments used LabChart to perform various stimulations on the…

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  • Gravitational Potential Energy

    can not be created or destroyed only converted into different forms and traded between systems. All energy is measured in Joules (J). When we talk about waterfalls and dams, the energy’s original form is Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE) which is energy that comes from the potential all objects have to move due to gravity when they are not on the surface of the Earth. The GPE of an object is just the relationship between the object’s mass, the acceleration due to gravity which is a…

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  • Amplitude Modulations

    spatial summation (Maler and Rogers 1981). It will not fire upon input from only one T unit, it must receive synchronous input from various T units converging at the spherical cell at the same time (Maler and Rogers 1981). When this occurs, an action potential is generated. This was determined by a clever experiment in which, a fish was administer just enough anesthesia to disable its EOD (Maler and Rogers 1981). The researchers replaced its EOD with one that they produced and were able to…

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  • Energy And Society Essay

    Discuss the relationship between energy and society. The principle question to ask when examining the relationship between energy and society is whether society drive changes in energy or energy stimulates societal change. The most common answer is that as society innovates and grows more forms of energy are harnessed and so our use of energy changes. However, at a more fundamental level, every major change in human history has been caused by the availability of energy in its various forms. The…

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