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Justification and Relevance of Lesson
Energy is the ability to do work. It has the potential to make changes, and any changes are due to work being done. This is significant because work can generate energy, and energy itself can do work (i.e., work done on windmills by the wind produces energy, and energy is used in homes to do work).
Standards and Learning Objectives
Content Learning Standards (s)
HS-PS3-2: Energy at the macroscopic scale.
• PS3.A: At the macroscopic scale, energy manifests itself in multiple ways, such as in motion, sound, and thermal energy. Common Core State Standards
MP.2: Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
Learning Objective (s)
Knowledge: The students will be able to understand that energy can be elastic and that
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Deflection: bending of the rules Language Sensitive Modifications
LLP: Applied force, energy, ability, and explanation are cognate words that will serve the Spanish-speaking Limited Language Proficient student.
Visuals will be provided to aid comprehension, such as the images in the investigation guidelines, and the investigation itself. Visual cues will be implemented. Group interactions will be implemented as comprehension support, and for the students to communicate and practice the new scientific language and symbols.
Instructional Plan
Teaching Activities

The Goal (meet the learning targets): A student will read out loud the goal for the day, which states that students will be able to understand that energy can be elastic and that it can be used to do work.

Engage/bell work [≈6 minutes]: I will project a short portion of a video on pole vaulters. The students will:
Discuss the “What Do You Think” questions.
Write at least 2 sentences for each of the questions.

Explore: Students will work individually; however they will be allowed to discuss their work with their table members. All students will be required to work in their assigned table. The following will take
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Anticipating Errors and Misunderstandings
Students might struggle to measure the height of the pennies. Students may use meter sticks, and may stand on chairs to make measurements. The pennies might deflect at angles rather than vertically.
Student Voice Strategies
Students will be allowed to discuss their work with their tablemates, and will be close to other groups for intergroup communication. This will enable them to discuss potential connections or flaws in their experimental design. They may not discuss questions 9b and 9c with others.
Students with Specific Learning Needs
The LLP student will be able to work with a partner who speaks the same language to facilitate clarification. Conveniently, there are several cognate words that facilitate comprehension for this student. Visuals will be provided throughout the lesson to aid comprehension.
Students with 504 plans will be accommodated as indicated in their plans. Some students might need to use the restroom once or several times throughout the lesson (as indicated by the 504 plan), so they will be asked to work with a partner to obtain the data they miss while they are

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