Evoked potential

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  • Action Potential Research Paper

    The features of action potentials are: threshold, all or none, is regenerative, saltatory conduction and refractory period. The threshold is generated when the membrane of the cell is depolarize around -50mv to evoke the action to occur. Action potential is all or none because is either no action potential or a full amplitude of action potential. We say that action potential is regenerative since a new action potential is generated at each location along the cell membrane. The saltatory…

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  • Hsc10 Unit 9 Study Guide

    UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN CENTRE FOR FOUNDATION STUDIES FOUNDATION IN SCIENCE (P) FHSC1014 MECHANICS LABORATORY MANUAL UTAR FHSC1014 Mechanics Trimester 1 UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN CENTRE FOR FOUNDATION STUDIES LABORATORY SAFETY RULES The following rules must be obeyed by all students in the science laboratory of the faculty. Willful or repeated inadvertent noncompliance may result in dismissal or suspension from the laboratories. I. No entry without permission:…

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  • Adenosine Receptor Caffeine Analysis

    Analysis of Adenosine receptor blockage’s effects on the electrophysiology of HCTP/OR producing neurons of the Hypothalamus – receptor blockage mediated by Caffeine Introduction In this experiment, the quantification of firing rate changes on a specific neural sub-group will be analyzed via whole cell patch-clamping and the application of the common psychoactive drug-caffeine. The significance of quantifying the electrical signaling of the chosen neuron is to proportionally quantify the…

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  • A Personal Reflective Essay (Ecomap)

    As I was making my Ecomap I came to realize that my priorities are not completely met and that I might need to change my routine in order to feel satisfied with the goals I want to accomplish in life. As I look at my elements I see that I am focusing my energy mainly in school, which is acceptable since this will help me fulfill my goals of having a successful career one day. School is a positive energy and it brings me satisfaction when I finish a term with a good grade, but at the same time it…

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  • Raadiant Energy: Kinetic Energy

    Energy can be potential or kinetic. Radiant energy is a form of Kinetic energy. Movement of atoms, molecules, objects, waves, substances referring to a Kinetic energy. There are many different forms of kinetic energies like sound, motion, thermal energy, electrical energy. Nevertheless, there would be no life on Earth without radiant energy. What is radiant energy? The energy of electromagnetic waves and gravitational radiation is radiant energy. Radiant energy is the result of a change in…

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  • Reaction Time And Regression Analysis

    colour change) causes these ion channels to open producing a change in the membrane potential of the receptor cell/s resulting in depolarisation. Once a threshold level of depolarisation is reached, approximately 15mv, the receptor cell stimulates the production of action potentials that are conducted along the membrane of a nerve fibre towards the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord). An action potential occurs like this: 1. A sensory nerve cell detects a stimulus (e.g. heat,…

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  • Newton's First Law Of Motion Essay

    1. C Why: according to Newton’s first law of motion, an object that is free from all outside forces travels at a constant velocity, covering equal distances in equal times along a straight-line path, C is true. 2. D Why: not matter an object is still or is in motion, the object has inertia all the time. Inertia is a nature/property of any objects. 3. D Why: the ship is moving at a constant speed, which is in a balanced status. For the athlete, it would be likely to do a long jump on ground.…

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  • Descartes Mechanism Theory

    The unique and foremost influence to psychology that Descartes had was his consideration of the mind-body interaction. Descartes lived as a French philosopher and mathematician who; in the early 17th century, agreed with the notion of a clockwork universe. According to the text, this notion of the times proposed that the universe could be likened to a clock due to the fact of its constancy, predictability, and exactitude. The clock could act as an allegory to expound upon the workings of the…

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  • Resting Membrane Potential Case Study

    1. The resting membrane potential is the potential difference across the cell membrane of excitable cells such as nerve and muscle cells. The 3 major factors that establish a resting membrane potential are as follows: (1) Non-diffusible anions: The resting membrane potential is influenced by the presence of large non-diffusible anions (proteins, nucleic acids and organic phosphates) inside a cell. The presence of large non-diffusible anions inside a cell attracts a large number of cations and…

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  • ECG Signal Essay

    CHAPTER 2 2.1 ELECTROCARDIOGRAM The ECG Signal is a graphical representation of the electromechanical activity of system. The various propagation action potentials within the heart produce a current flow, which generates an electrical field that can be detected, in significantly attenuated form, at the body surface, via a differential voltage measurement system. The resulting measurement, when taken with electrodes in standardized locations, is known as the electrocardiogram. The ECG signal is…

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