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  • Sustainable Education: Environmental Education And Sustainability In Schools

    Environmental Education & Sustainability in Schools Many school districts are debating whether or not to include some form of environmental education in their curriculum. Environmental education not only benefits student health and knowledge, but encourages them to develop into citizens who are prepared to make a positive impact in local and global communities. According to the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “Environmental education is a process that allows individuals…

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  • Putting Earth First Analysis

    Suggesting perhaps we should not be too quick to blame evil corporations, for no one should be immune from questioning (Foreman, 351). When the topic of discussion is land ethics, why can’t any human be questioned and confess to their lack of environmentalism? Well, as discussed in Aldo Leopold’s, A Sand County Almanac, the first ethic dealt with the relation between the individuals and society. The integration of democracy and social organization of the individual is important, but doesn’t mean…

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  • Environmental Racism Examples

    In the early 1970, millions of people in the United States began to fill the streets, parks, and cities to celebrate the nation’s first Earth Day. This, as well as passage of the Clean Air act and the Clean Water act had kick started the nation, and the western’s world new movement towards conservation and planet protecting. The start of the movement yielded many excellent laws such as the Marine Mammal Protection act, a law that protected marine mammals. It seemed like there was no end to what…

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  • The Environmentalist Mindset By Rush Limburt

    more harm than good. It is crucial that we achieve our goals, but we must take care of our planet as we do so. Limbaugh, however, would probably disagree. In his article, “The Environmentalist Mindset,” he discusses his position on the debate of environmentalism. However, his outrageous views couple with his sub-par persuasive writing skills, and leave his argument severely lacking. In “The Environmental Mindset,” Rush Limbaugh discusses how extreme environmentalists wish to…

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  • The Theme Of Environmental Activism In Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi

    This musical and cultural study will define the theme of environmental activism in the 1970s in the song, “Big Yellow Taxi”, by Joni Mitchell. Mitchell’s song is representative of the cultural power of pop music to inspire environmental activists to take action to protect the earth’s ecosystem during the early 1970s. “Big Yellow Taxi” is a song with environmentally conscious lyrics that express the concern about humankind’s industrial influence in damaging the environment. Over the generations,…

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  • Hispanic Community Communities

    by either language barriers, deportations fears, or just an overall of lack awareness. Unfortunately, there is an obvious gap between environmentalist activist and the communities that they themselves want to help. This is because mainstream environmentalism 's perception of diversity has a predominant focus on Black communities. Consequently, Hispanic communities undergoing environmental injustices…

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  • The Ethical And Social Consequences Of Corporate Social Responsibility

    Numerous corporations have altered their practices of conducting day-to-day business procedures and manufacturing processes in an effort to decrease their carbon footprint and help uphold sustainability. This is as a result of corporations wanting to take corporate social responsibility into account. Corporate social responsibility emerged from the understanding that corporations need to account for their activities that affect society. The success of a corporation is no longer determined by how…

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  • The Dualism Of Deep Ecofeminism

    “ecofeminism”, a movement combining feminism and environmentalism. Feminism is defined as the movement of women towards social and economic equality between men and women. Ecology is the study of humans and their interactions with the environment. Many aspects within the feminist movement, the peace movement, and the environmentalist and green movements can be seen within ecofeminism. Ecofeminists and ecofeminism is the belief that environmentalism and feminism are intrinsically connected. Most…

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  • Kate Rosenthal's Theory Of Sustainability

    sustainability? According to Dictonary.com, sustainability is the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed. When talking about environmentalism, sustainability is the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources and thereby, supporting long-term ecological balance. Kate Rosenthal finds Cascio’s answer within environmentalism and by asking another question, how can we use what we learned about sustainability in our everyday lives? What does…

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  • The Modern Environmental Movement

    media. In James Cameron’s cutting-edge movie Avatar, Pixar’s animated story WALL-E, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, and Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder,” three of the primary goals of the modern environmental movement: the education of children about environmentalism,…

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