Write An Essay On The Role Of Individualism In Safineia

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Safineia, the most environmentally-friendly town among the outdoors with extensive amount of trees and waterfalls. In Safineia we value the importance of preserving and recycling. The Lorax is a great representation of this because he loves nature and is known as “one with the trees”. He speaks for the trees to strive for what is best for his city, and as a transcendentalist community, we look to nature for reassurance. In our city, Safineia, the Lorax is a significant figure because his lifestyle is centered around the core values of our town, such as environmentalism, efficiency, and individualism.
Our town, Safineia believes strongly in environmentalism and more specifically nature and simplicity. The Lorax is a delineation of environmentalism because he communicates with the trees and distances himself away from all technology because he has no need for it. The
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In our town Safineia, a core value that is strongly believed is individualism and more distinctly nonconformity. For instance, the Lorax believes nature has the answers, and he articulates with the trees to find out what he believes. Even when the Once-ler came and began to take the trees down to manufacture his invention, the Lorax did not conform to his opinions, instead he trusted himself and remembered what is to be true. The Lorax knew that there was an additional way rather than to cut down all the trees to make the product. Emerson quoted in Self Reliance “Trust thyself: Every heart vibrates to that iron string” (245). Emerson is stating that one does not change his or her opinion just because society thinks differently. Even in the Lorax when the main character, Ted, wanted to do the abnormality and build a tree, his goal was not altered by others’ opinions. You can infer that the Lorax believed one day the Once-ler would find a solution and there would be trees once again. The Lorax is a portrayal of our city because he shows individualism by not conforming to others’

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