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  • The Color Of Mucus In Margaret Atwood's Gone Girl

    I am furious with myself for finishing this book. It was apparent within the first few pages that it was going to be grating with grammar mistakes and cookie cutter characters. What kept me reading was the interesting story idea. I truly wish someone else had written this book. The author hit it big with her first book, Gone Girl. (Disclosure – I wasn’t that big a fan of that book but it was at least readable) I imagine her publisher pushed her to crank out the next book and the result…

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  • Helping Writers Think Rhetorical Analysis

    Journal Response The chapter “Helping Writers Think Rhetorically” by John C. Bean describes how important it is to have students thinking about their audience and purpose before starting to write their compositions. Bean explains how thinking about a targeted audience will give the writers a better idea about their audiences´ thinking before reading their papers and the expectations after having read their works. In the study, Bean comments that most of the times students mistake by thinking of…

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  • Gary Braver's Exploring Language

    When was your first time being someone who you are not? Everyone in society has a different personality that identifies themselves with those they love and those they are not close with. Think about the hardship that you have to go through and became who you are now. Throughout your process of overcoming the abstracts, you are learning something new. The power that you are working towards is language. The power of language can be small yet huge, despite how it change you. This power allows you…

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  • Creative Writing Style Analysis

    casual voice is displayed, where she discusses that writers have a responsibility to open every closed door in order to write about the concealed, intimidating and inappropriate…

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  • Writing Class Reflection Essay

    The best writing course ever! I have had many English courses over the past school years with a variety of great teachers but none of those courses could compare to this English class taught by Ms.Lanhem. This course has really expanded my education in writing it has gave writing a whole new meaning to me. I’ve never really liked writing and found it quite difficult sometimes but now when I write I feel stress free like I can just go on forever. I feel as if I can just go ahead and publish it to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Personal Growth As A Writer

    I write this correspondence as a means to convey my feelings regarding the matter of my personal growth as a writer. My goals, though simple in nature, were mainly to finish the required writing on time and with great haste. I think I may have successfully managed that much and even more gained an enhanced understanding a rhetoric. Mostly with the earlier assignments of weekly writing was where I felt I tried much harder to write something I was proud of. To accomplish my goal of writing the…

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  • Prometheus Thesis Statement

    Hello Gerasimos, when I first read your topic, I had so many suggestions for you but then I realized that you pretty much covered everything and more in your outline. I like how detailed your outline is. You have a clear sense of what message or argument you plan to convey through your essay. I was able to understand where you are heading to with your main ideas and thesis statement. Though, I have few suggestions that might be accurate and work well for you. • You may want to work on your…

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  • Why People Burn Books

    Everything has its time. Time to destroy and a time to build. The time to be silent and a time to speak. Yes it is. But what else? There is something else, something else that I must say …. It’s not the first day when I think about the books that should be burned. Why would people burn the books? Books are able to open the new world for us. They have some little things which are important and has a big sense in our lives. I never thought that such a paperless thing could create a new world,…

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  • Analysis Of Rilke's Letter To A Young Poet

    less wise because of their lack of today’s change. Solomon states when he was young he was looking for guidance in his future career as a writer. He met with a successful writer to chat about what he could do to be a successful writer and he said “I have only one piece of advice for you. Have a vision and cleave to it.” He then explains that the successful writer didn’t know anything Solomon didn’t already know. In writing you can be anyone and go anywhere because of your imagination. Your…

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  • The Ugly Truth About Beauty 'And Faking It'

    opposite gender, but the main difference is that Barry uses no personal experiences. Without the use of personal experience and facts Barry’s accusations come off as demeaning to the female reader, simply due to his altercations he has toward how women handle their beauty habits form an outsiders point of…

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