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  • Importance Of Culture-Oriented English Teaching

    Culture-oriented English teaching in P.R. China I. Introduction: With the world economic and social development and globalization in the 21st century, it is an obvious circumstance which the number of overseas students in different countries has been snowballing. Facing the increasing severe talent market, more and more students in China do choose to have further education in foreign countries mainly in English-speaking countries to meet the standards of their personal internships. Notwithstanding the experience is a pleasant and rewarding as well as difficult and challenging process, a large number of students have met cultural shock problems in their life in English-speaking countries. Previously, Chinese university English teachers generally emphasized on demonstrating linguistic features in English language teaching, and Chinese students could hardly adapt to foreign cultures, and did come up with many problems mainly cultural problems in their academic career or daily activities. Nevertheless, the importance of developing students'cultural proficiency has been realized recently and some progressions practicable have been made. This is only a good beginning, and what’s more is that culture awareness is more…

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  • The Importance Of English Writing In Vietnamese Culture

    invasions of two Western powers, namely France and America. Under the Chinese rule, assimilation was inevitable that, like many other Asian countries, the culture of Vietnam is considerably influenced by its Chinese counterpart, as reflected in many aspects of life such as educational system, literature and social norms (Nguyen, 2002; Le, 2011). Huyen (2002) reported that Vietnamese culture clearly reflects a blending inheritance of Confucian ideologies, Taoism and Buddhism (as cited in Le,…

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  • The Globalization Of Popular Culture

    Human Geography P4 1/22/2017 1. A. Folk culture can be defined as culture traditionally practiced by a small, homogeneous, rural group living in relative isolation from other groups. B. Pop culture can be defined as culture found in a large, heterogeneous society that shares certain habits despite differences in other personal characteristics. C. The diffusion of folk culture compared to popular culture, is that folk culture is transmitted from one location to another more slowly and on a…

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  • My Culture: A Conceptual Analysis

    My viewpoint on my own culture as well as other cultures has not changed by reading this module but perhaps it has been enhanced and become more solidified. “Culture is the knowledge, language, values, customs and material objects that are passed from person to person and from one generation to the next in a human group or society” (Kendall, 2016, p. 45). Each person and every culture brings a uniqueness to the world that would create a void if lost. American culture is wonderful, but so is…

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  • Reflection: Privilegent Bilingual Students

    After my time in CI 280, I learned copious amounts of vital information regarding English Language Learners (ELL) and their education. There were many important take-aways from the class, such as the importance of giving emergent bilingual students the best education possible. If I could remember anything from this class in three years from now it would be these following things. First, I would want to remember to understand the culture all of students in my class in order to relate to them on a…

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  • Essay On American Culture

    Culture of “Americans” America’s culture is different and distinctive. America’s society is made up a diversity of ethnic groups that have shaped American culture and values. People’s attitude and behavior are based on their values. America’s cultural was influenced by Native Americans, Latin American, Africans, and Asians. The United States has been influenced by many other cultures that led to the shaping of their values. Religion and language are an example of the influence of other…

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  • Why Do Immigrants Lose Culture

    the immigrant want to be same as the white people, act some as the other and no be a different person . Children of immigrant often feed they must lose their cultural identity because they lose their language, change their appearance dress, and change their traditions. Went the immigrant child star to learn English they start to learn a different language, the year be passing and they start to forget some of the primary language. And all is done teacher speak English and the students have to…

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  • Intercultural Communication As Revealed In Language Learning Article

    n the article “Exploring the exchange student’s global minds in a study abroad project” by John et al(2015), the authors present a research which aims to determine how the students improve themselves in the foreign environment and how they construct their global minds. Meanwhile in the article “Intercultural Communication as Revealed in Language Learning Histories” by Doman(2014), the author reveals the important factors which either hinder or enhance students’ English learning abilities.…

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  • Dawn Blossoms Plucked At Duck Analysis

    Cultural Perspective Because ‘Integrated Approach’ deals with both the source culture and the target culture, it could be seen as a feasible translation theory of Dawn Blossoms Plucked at Dusk. The cultural factors play an important role in modern Chinese literature. With the influence of western cultures, China experienced a transformation of literature in terms of linguistic forms and contents. Scholars such as Lu Xun proposed that vernaculars should be used. In addition, the focus of modern…

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  • Jhumpa Lahiri's Definition Of Language

    years to learn English and it has been worth it. Being capable to read and write in English has opened many doors into professional and personal opportunities. In Fields of Reading there are three essays where three women share their experiences with language. The first essay is “Trading Stories” by Jhumpa Lahiri where she indicates what moved her to create stories. The second one is “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan where she describes her expired…

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