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  • Essay On Educational Goals And Philosophy Statement

    As an adult who was terribly spectacular at “playing school” as a teenager, I would be lying if I told you that I had conceptualized anything that even remotely resembled to what constitutes as “classroom management” before starting a teacher educator program. I was the student in each of my classes who had a side conversation every so often, but also shushed my peers when the teacher was trying to get the attention of the class and always turned their work in on time (even if I had put it off…

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  • Educational Goals And Philosophy Statement In The Classroom

    Students are the most important thing about teaching. Everything starts with them, including curriculum, instruction, management, and the teacher’s and students’ dispositions. The most important thing is putting students first. I have watched many different classrooms and the ones that the students are most engaged in, and learn in, are those where the teacher puts the students above all else. By putting students first it gives them a greater opportunity to succeed and accelerate in the…

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  • The Three P's Of My Educational Philosophy Of Education

    The Three P’s Being an educator, someone may approach you and ask “What is your educational philosophy or purpose of education”? Would you know the answer automatically, would it take you a few days to actually analyze the question, or would you answer be different every time someone does ask you the question. For the world is always changing. As for me, my answer changes yearly. This question was asked when I was an undergrad doing student teaching. I thought my purpose of education was to…

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  • Personal Review Of Educational Goals And Philosophy Statement

    What is education? The proper definition is the act or process of acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally preparing oneself or others intellectually for a mature life. However, education means something completely different to me, it means passion. Let me explain… My goal in life is to become a first grade teacher, with special education students included. I believe that teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs (no matter what age) because…

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  • My Educational Philosophy: My Purpose Of Education

    Participative leadership strives to find the potential and good qualities of each group member. Leaders need to help members of the group carry out their ideas. I believe educational leaders must emphasize Douglas McGregor’s Theory Y leadership style in order to promote a successful organization (Owens & Valesky, 2007, p. 118).  Leaders must cultivate the abilities of other teachers, encourage teachers to contribute to their…

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  • What Is A Personal Statement Of Educational Goals And Philosophy

    Through years of my education and working with children, I have developed my own teaching philosophy. At the foundation of my teaching philosophy are my passion, respect for children, my dedication in helping them succeed, and my understanding that all children are unique. I am a firm believer that successful teaching begins with a safe and nurturing environment, a positive…

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  • Essay On Philosophy Of Physical Education

    My educational philosophy is rooted in the idea that students learn from doing while using tangible, real-life materials and experiences, and should be engaged in opportunities to experiment and question the world around them. Classroom learnings are complimented with thought out educational field trips to deepen the students’ connections. Additionally, we recognize the importance of family time, thus at home activities replaced the traditional homework ditto sheets and are simply an extension…

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  • Successful And Well-Managed Inquiry Essay

    In the video, each of the teachers use a variety of strategies that lead to successful and well-managed inquiry. Their approaches encourage communication, community, organization, understanding, and inquiry. One approach I really appreciate from Ms. M’s classroom is how she reminds her students of the class rules they have established. She informs students to take turns, respect what each other says, there is no laughing, and that every idea is important. This is an important part of Phase B:…

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  • New Teacher Induction Analysis

    In the article, New Teacher Induction, The Foundation for Comprehensive, Coherent, and Sustained Professional Development written by famed educator Harry K. Wong induction and mentor are discussed and value of both. The statistics concerning the hiring of new teachers was enlighten, especially the fact that thirty-three percent of new teachers are hired after the school year has already begun, and sixty-two percent are hired within thirty days of when they are to begin teaching. (Kardos and…

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  • My Classroom Philosophy Essay

    The purpose of a philosophy is from the moment you enter my classroom it’s apparent how the environment is centered on the students. From the furniture to the interactive bulletin boards, it’s evident that the room is geared towards preschoolers. Working with young children, I find the educational philosophies that best fit my own philosophy are progressivism, constructivism, and humanism; all student- based theories. The philosophers or educational influences I model my philosophy from are:…

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