My Educational Philosophy: My Purpose Of Education

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My Purpose of Education
Educators must remember that the children we serve in our schools will be tomorrow’s citizens. We must enable all children to see the extent of their capabilities and their future potential. It becomes the role of educators to teach children not only how to think, but what to do with their thoughts. I believe educators must foster life-long learning and a desire not to be satisfied with the status quo. Productive United States citizens should always be looking for ways to better our world. Educators need to not only share their knowledge with students, but teach them what to do with that knowledge. Today, educators are not only responsible for teaching academics, but they are responsible for building character in their
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Participative leadership strives to find the potential and good qualities of each group member. Leaders need to help members of the group carry out their ideas.
I believe educational leaders must emphasize Douglas McGregor’s Theory Y leadership style in order to promote a successful organization (Owens & Valesky, 2007, p. 118).
 Leaders must cultivate the abilities of other teachers, encourage teachers to contribute to their full potential, and hold high expectations for all. These leadership qualities should improve the performance of those who are being led. Leaders must listen to everyone with the intent of understanding but continue to put what is best for students at the center the school.
I believe leaders lead people, not manage people; however, leaders must be able to manage things.
 There are many “things” which school leaders must manage, such as: budgets, resources, and inventories. Leaders must lead people to do the right thing and leaders must always do the right thing themselves (Owens & Valesky, 2007, p. 287). Educational leaders need to create and communicate a vision for the school which will inspire all of those who work

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