My Educational Goals: My Philosophy Of Education

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Looking backwards
Throughout my life, my parents have been the people that I have always looked up to. They are more than just my parents; they are my hero, my asylum, and my biggest supporters. I watched them happy and sad, watched them when they succeeded, and when they failed, and even though life threw different challenges on them, I never saw them giving up. Further more, because they showed me what really life is all about, all I am I own to them.
I have always been interested in teaching and taking care of children. This passion never left me and only grew more profound with time. That is why after high school, I decided to become a teacher. The purpose of school as a place where young children are offered a toolkit to navigate their world successfully was what really drove me closer to teaching. I have been working in Reggio inspired classrooms for seven years, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. One step at a time, as I was absorbing and
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I have established my philosophy in the beginning of my teaching journey and I work hard to keep in mind what is really important in life for my students and their parents. It is a privilege for me to help the children build a happy and well-balanced beginning. As an educator, my goal is to always provide a caring and welcoming environment where children have a voice to express their opinions and nurture their independent thinking skills. I still believe that the most valuable trait lies within teachers. I have very high expectations when it comes to being a teacher. We do not need money to offer respect, empathy, and a smile. My teaching and life experience have really helped me to develop an understanding of children and their needs. As my long-term goal is to keep developing my passion for teaching, I also hope to open my own Reggio inspired

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