What Is A Personal Statement Of Educational Goals And Philosophy

Looking backwards
Throughout my life, my parents have been the people that I have always looked up to. They are more than just my parents; they are my hero, my asylum, and my biggest supporters. I watched them happy and sad, watched them when they succeeded, and when they failed, and even though life threw different challenges on them, I never saw them giving up. Further more, because they showed me what really life is all about, all I am I own to them.
I have always been interested in teaching and taking care of children. This passion never left me and only grew more profound with time. That is why after high school, I decided to become a teacher. The purpose of school as a place where young children are offered a toolkit to navigate their
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Through years of my education and working with children, I have developed my own teaching philosophy. At the foundation of my teaching philosophy are my passion, respect for children, my dedication in helping them succeed, and my understanding that all children are unique. I am a firm believer that successful teaching begins with a safe and nurturing environment, a positive attitude, and a caring teacher.
Looking inward
Throughout the years of teaching, my way of thinking about myself as an educator has changed many times. Mostly it changed after meeting inspiring people, families, and children that forced me to reflect on my teaching helping me to grow and change as an educator. “What is well begun is half done,” the quote from Peabody embodies what has become the core of my teaching: above all, I believe a good start in education, young child’s environment should provide safety and be nurturing where teachers possess a positive attitude, empathy, and caring manner. With years, I came to realization that as an educator, I should instill in the children skills that will

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