Ectopic pregnancy

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  • Pro Life Argumentative Analysis

    In 2013 there were approximately 800 women who died due to pregnancy related complications in the USA1. Could some of these deaths been prevented? The answer is simply yes, if some of these pregnancies had been terminated by an abortion those mothers could have lived to fight for this cause today. Abortion is not an easy choice, but it is a choice, something everyone should be entitled to make. Pro-choice means women in extreme poverty don’t have to raise a child in impossible circumstances;…

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  • Smoking While Pregnant Essay

    issues with the mother throughout the pregnancy, birth defects with the baby, and other lifelong health issues. If a mother chooses to smoke while pregnant she increases the risks of something not going right throughout her delivery. Studies show that 12-20 percent of pregnant women smoke throughout their pregnancy (American Pregnant Association, 2015). Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals and at least 60 cancerous compounds. Smoking during pregnancy increases the risks of preterm…

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  • Abortion Is Murder Essay

    but yet most women in today’s societies are having abortions. “Abortion is the act of removing a human embryo or fetus from the uterus of a pregnant woman prior to the completion of the full term of pregnancy” (Rich and Geraldine 1). Abortion should remain illegal. In just 5 weeks of a pregnancy cycle, the fetus has a heartbeat. In most cases, some women do not know that they are pregnant by then. Even if she finds out she is in the first trimester, most women still go on with abortion.…

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  • How Do Teratogens Cause Birth Defect

    medications that can cause birth defects as well as any infectious disease. The infectious diseases can cause the loss of a pregnancy also, the infections can affect the fetus 10-14 days after conception. A teratogen can stick itself to the uterus blood supply and the fetus. Teratogens can cause problems with the closure of the neural tube, which can cause trouble throughout the whole pregnancy. I want to talk about alcohol and cigarette smoke and the dangers of doing them while pregnant.…

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  • Infertility In The Reproductive System

    Approximately 25 percent of women are infertile due to tubal disease ("Infertility Treatment: Overview", n.d.). Damage in the oviducts can be caused by numerous aspects: abdominal diseases, tubal pregnancies, previous surgeries, etc. In the case of Kirdi Joseph, she found out about her infertility in the summer of 2013. “I went to the emergency room because I was having stomach pain for two days. The pain was terrible, but what hurt me more was what…

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  • Sample Case Study Of Immunizations

    to the clinic and reports that her menstrual cycle is five weeks late since her last menstrual period. Furthermore, she states that she has had morning sickness, breast tenderness, and fatigue. Urine pregnancy test was completed and it was positive. She received counseling, due to unintended pregnancy. A week later, Savannah returns to the clinic with complained of vaginal bleeding. Ultrasound shows a left ovarian cyst, but not a baby grow in the uterus. However, ten days later, Savannah…

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  • Research Paper On How Abortion Changed The World

    is because the church’s teaching on this is clear: Abortion is murder. Abortions are also a composite of tragedies. Sometimes the circumstances around an abortion surrounding a pregnancy are tragic. In some cases, the woman may have been raped. Perhaps the child will be born with a birth defect. Or possibly, the pregnancy is a health-risk to the woman. Nonetheless, one problem is not fixed with another. We do not erase rape by killing a child nor do we cure the baby by taking its life. Also,…

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  • Bleeding During Pregnancy Complications

    What are the common pregnancy complications Your body needs a great deal to do during pregnancy. The changes taking place in your body during this time may sometime cause irritation or discomfort and at times they may seem alarming. Sometime common complications lead to complex problems due to negligence or ignorance and can affect both mother and the fetus. This article aims to update you about the complication you might experience during this time. Some common complications Below is a…

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  • Argumentative View Of Abortion

    specifically are to those teenage girls that experience teenage pregnancy, where pregnancy occurs at the wrong time . They weren’t ready to be a mothers and take the responsibilities that is included in motherhood that’s why they can’t raise a child properly on their own.The Second reason is financial problems, whether it’s a single woman living independently or college student, they would lack the resources needed from their pregnancy to raising their child, that…

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  • Summary: A Case Against Abortions

    thoroughly considering her alternatives, she ultimately chose to terminate her pregnancy (Raindrops Keep Falling). As a teenager who has his entire life ahead of him, I can understand why the freedom to choose is extremely important. Oftentimes, pregnancies occur when they are least expected and can disrupt a woman’s life. By giving a woman the right to choose, she can make a decision in the best interest…

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