The Controversial Case Of Roe V. Wade

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In 1973, the Supreme Court resolved the unconstitutional law that prohibited a woman to have an abortion for non-emergency reasons. Since then, the controversial case known as Roe V. Wade has divided the people, labeling themselves as either pro-life or pro-choice (McBride). Abortion is not a topic that should be treated lightly, but it is also not a topic that should be ignored all together. In fact, for some, it may be their only option. Abortion should be legal no matter the case because it saves women who cannot have a child, motherhood is a choice, and a child should not come into this world unwanted.
Abortion procedures vary depending on the term of the pregnancy. Different procedures are available for first term, second term, and third
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In 1970, Jane Roe (an alias) filed a lawsuit against Dallas Country District Attorney Henry Wade, in a Texas federal court. Roe was a single pregnant woman who was denied the right to have an abortion as the pregnancy did not threaten her life, as the state specifies. Roe claimed the state law violated her right to privacy along with the Constitution’s First, Fourth, Ninth, and Fourteenth amendment. The court ruled in favor of Roe, as it was deemed unconstitutional. Wade would then appeal the case to the Supreme Court (McBride). Reproduction is a choice. “The international system of human rights recognizes that women have reproductive rights that should be recognized and protected by the State. These reproductive rights include our right to decide whether to procreate or not procreate, the right to decide when to procreate, the right to get information and access to safe and effective methods of birth control, and the right to get free healthcare services when we decide to interrupt a pregnancy in progress” (Martínez). No woman should be denied an abortion as she should not be denied to have a child as well. There are also women who never had the right in the first place. Women such as rape victims who are forced to be mothers after their attacks. In the past five years alone, 162 abortion clinics have shut down due to Targeted Regulation of Abortion Provider laws, otherwise known as TRAP laws. Due to these laws, pregnant women are having a difficult time receiving the attention they need because the nearest clinics are too far (Story Hinckley Staff). And because of these laws, rape victims are having a hard time receiving their attention. A 13 year old rape victim who was forcible turned down at a Texas clinic. The Clinic Director, Marva Sadler, described the incident. “In order to see her I need to put her to sleep and in order to do that I need a nurse anesthetist and because of this crazy law, it is impossible to find

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