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  • Glass House Mountains Persuasive Speech

    Moreton Bay Marine Park offers visitors 90-minute jet ski tours of the park from Caloundra. You'll also have a adrenaline rush just skiing through atmospheric mangroves while taking in the spectacular volcanic scenery. Prepare to see rare wildlife like dugongs, dolphins and turtles in their home surroundings. -The Lookout Cafe overlooking an undulating valley filled with mango trees, offers visitor an excellent spot for picture-taking. - Parrots In Paradise at 2 Barrs Road, is not your typical…

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  • Informative Essay On Mermaids

    Have you ever had a mermaid sighting? Do you believe in mermaids? What’s your evidence? This essay will explore about the urban legend of mermaids. A mermaid is a legendary creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. “Mermaid mythology is quite varied, with mermaids talking on different appearances, origins, and personalities” (Fairclough 1). To begin with, mermaids are just characters in a story, but sometimes people think they see them in real life. So…

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  • Manatees Research Paper

    glance you might think it was related to seals or walruses, but its closest living relatives are actually elephants [pic: Bernard Dupont] and small, stocky hyraxes. [pic: D. Gordon E. Robertson] The three species of manatees, along with the related dugong, are the only living members of the Sirenia order that evolved from the same land mammal as elephants over 50 million years ago. [pic: Edwardtbabinksi] Although some of them still have fingernails on their flippers -- old souvenirs from…

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  • Causes Of Marine Pollution

    Marine Pollution: Causes There are many observable attributes in which we can classify the various types of marine pollution. Marine Pollution is a major setback and not only hampers the marine species but also is passed on to the land animals as well. Sea water covers around 2/3rd of the planet, which plays an important role in maintaining the essential biological and ecological balance. There has been increasing amount and the various kinds of waste products which originates from expanding…

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  • Causes Of Animal Extinction Essay

    Introduction The UAE is blessed with wide variety of beautiful animals. And there is habitat of natural these animals, but the problem is most of the animals are going to be extinct. By establishing better target on preservation in current years, the country UAE is busy to conserve and also breed different species of animals that are endangered and there’s enough being accomplished to try and make sure that animals that are vulnerable, marine animals and birds and marine life aren’t left…

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  • Sea Life In Sylvia Earle's The World Is Blue

    species that have gone extinct due to decades of humans hunting and killing them. The ones that haven't gone extinct have depleted in size. By 1900, all marine mammals worldwide had suffered serious declines. Seals, sea lions, walruses, manatees, dugongs, sea otters, and polar bears were targeted everywhere for food, fur, and other commodities. Human error…

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  • Great Barrier Reef Case Study

    Introduction The Great Barrier Reef stretching 2300km along the coast of Queensland is the world’s biggest coral reef system. The GBR contains many plants, animals, habitats and heritage values to the extent that this diverse marine ecosystem has been established as a global natural treasure with world heritage listing. The Reef is also extremely important to industries and communities that depend on a healthy reef for employment/ income and their recreation. Since the 1980’s there have been…

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  • The Great Barrier Reef (GBR)

    “We should preserve every scrap of biodiversity as priceless while we learn to use it and come to understand what it means to humanity” (Edward Owen Wilson, 2006). The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1981 and stretches for more than 2300 kilometres along the northeast coast of Australia, including an area of about 347 800 square kilometres of seabed. It is the largest coral reef ecosystem in the world with 2500 coral reefs and is home to more than 1500…

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  • Evolution In Public Schools Essay

    In today’s society, school curriculums are filled with a variety of topics, from the Math’s to the Sciences, English’s to the Foreign Languages. One of the many items contained in school curriculums includes evolution. Evolution is a highly controversial subject in science that typically starts many debates with differing views on the subject. Some are for the teaching of evolution in public schools while others do not agree with evolution and does not want it taught to their children on the…

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  • Ningaloo Reef Case Study

    between them. Within this food web, you must include and label a decomposer. Ten organisms that live in the Ningaloo Reef include the bottlenose dolphin, loggerhead turtle, tiger shark, whale shark, Southern Calamari squid, jellyfish, zooplankton, dugong, phytoplankton and seagrass. The decomposer in this food web is bacteria, which works to further break down the dead organic matter in the bodies of plant and animal organisms. Producer (Sea grass, phytoplankton): Makes its own food through…

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