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  • Evolution In Public Schools Essay

    In today’s society, school curriculums are filled with a variety of topics, from the Math’s to the Sciences, English’s to the Foreign Languages. One of the many items contained in school curriculums includes evolution. Evolution is a highly controversial subject in science that typically starts many debates with differing views on the subject. Some are for the teaching of evolution in public schools while others do not agree with evolution and does not want it taught to their children on the…

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  • Ningaloo Reef Case Study

    between them. Within this food web, you must include and label a decomposer. Ten organisms that live in the Ningaloo Reef include the bottlenose dolphin, loggerhead turtle, tiger shark, whale shark, Southern Calamari squid, jellyfish, zooplankton, dugong, phytoplankton and seagrass. The decomposer in this food web is bacteria, which works to further break down the dead organic matter in the bodies of plant and animal organisms. Producer (Sea grass, phytoplankton): Makes its own food through…

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  • Water Pollution Affects Ocean Life

    For my senior project, I decided to research water pollution, and how it affects ocean life and its inhabitants. I will be answering questions that I have about water pollution and how it 's affecting our oceans. The reason I’m doing my project on this topic is because I find it very interesting, and I also want to bring awareness to this issue. It 's a worldwide problem that needs to be addressed, because if we continue to do nothing, I believe that ocean life as we know it will go extinct.…

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