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  • Hamlet Movement Analysis

    When an artist decides to compose piece of art a structure of how to build it is put in place. The structure of this work of art is the foundation, much like that of a composition of writing. To write a successful play is to have a foundation of solid fluidity throughout the plot of the story. An author must also decide what the play will consist of, for example, how the play will begin and end, if the play will be a comedy or a tragedy, and the depth of the characters. William Shakespeare had a…

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  • Why Tracking Down Will Never Be Funny Analysis

    The Art Form of Humor The Different Views Of Punching Up And Down In “Why Punching Down Will Never Be Funny” by Schaach Koul, she argues that punishing down as in making jokes of those with less power is not funny. I both agree and disagree with her. Comedy has become such a controversial topic. Can a joke be considered funny depending on who is telling the joke or is it based off the intensity of the joke? In my opinion comedy is for entertaining purposes. People should…

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  • Paul Revere's Ride Poem Analysis

    Poem is a piece of writing which express feelings, emotions and ideas using descriptive figurative languages. However, poems are not dependable as a secondary source and if it is written about 100 years later than when the event actually happened. Likewise, the poem cannot be trustworthy if it contains different facts from the primary source written by the person who experienced that moment and who was actually there. Furthermore, as poems use figurative languages that exaggerate things, it is…

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  • Analysis Of Timothy Sheader's Interpretation Of Into The Woods

    When entering the course, I was naive to the true essence of theatre. I believed it to be simple and self explanatory, but in truth it is a complex and beautiful way of acting out a multitude of scenarios. Throughout the course, I read various texts, and watched a variety of plays. And both of these helped to shape my knowledge and understanding of theatre. Now that I am exiting the course, I can say that I have both a better idea what theatre truly is, as well as, I have a stronger appreciation…

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  • Universal Themes In Euripides Medea

    happening inside because currently we can see it for ourselves and make our own judgments about it. This extraordinary staging gave the sense of the audience being a fly on the wall in this personal family animosity. However, the domestic, inside drama meant that we lost the greatness of the ultimately public characters of Greek tragedy, and their monologues as these factors are not suited to the factual setting hoped for in this production. The color scheme of the clothes is an insight into…

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  • Oedipus The King Chorus Analysis

    Sophocles’ Oedipus the King presents the tragic story and life of the once highly acclaimed king named Oedipus. During the time the drama was produced, the Greeks were fascinated with the idea of a “tragic hero”—a man whose greatness and power eventually caused the downfall of the character. In Oedipus the King, the chorus served as one of the most important characters in relaying this ironic idea. The chorus was a specialized group of up to 50 men who danced and animated specific scenes during…

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  • Interpreting Brittany's Poem

    of hardships in her life. She also commented on the personified of the house, in the line “The while house seems to be thinking”. She said this stood out to her as a house cannot actually think, saying that the author wanted the readers to feel the drama and tension that was occurring at the time where his/her daughter…

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  • Heracles Character Analysis

    The play that I chose to read is called “Heracles” and was written by the ancient Greek playwright Euripides around 421-416 B.C.E. (Euripides). The basic story of this tragedy revolves around a man named Heracles, whose family is about to be killed by Lycus, the usurping ruler of Thebes while Heracles is unable to help them as he is in the progress of completing the last of his twelve labors. However, Heracles unexpectedly returns and kills Lycus to save his family from their death only for Hera…

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  • What Makes Creon Tragic Hero

    The Tragic Hero of Antigone: Creon How far would a person go for what he/she thought was right? Would it be the right decision? How will it affect his/her loved ones? In Sophocles’ tragic drama Antigone, King Creon is forced to answer these questions. He is a very stubborn man and did not take anyone’s opinion into consideration, even when it affected his family and also his country that he is expected to make smart and also correct decisions for.. Even though Creon loves and adores his family,…

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  • What Role Did Shakespeare Play In The 1500's

    Director, Choreographer, Stage manager, Head Seamstress, Head Administrator, Composers, Actors, Musicians, Makeup Artist and many more jobs all contribute to the Broadways performances today. While the audiences that does and sees these plays they have amazing etiquette during the acts and respect for all the time and effort put into the performance this was not always the same. Valuing the stage did not always exist and in the 1500 when Shakespeare lived, people treated acting in a way…

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