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  • Hearts Of Palm Analysis

    On the 24th of July, I had the privilege to stay in Oakland touring the college of UC Berkeley with some family and had the opportunity to view the play Hearts of Palm written by Patricia Milton, directed by Gary Graves, at the Central Works Theatre. The main plot of this play is the use of palm oil found in many goods one would not discover or think of. It deals with the impediment on a small Asian community with the intention of expanding a palm oil production plantation with the intent on…

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  • Twelfth Night Gender Roles

    Our group presented Shakespeare’s play The Twelfth Night. After we were informed of the group members—we immediately gathered and assigned specific tasks to them. My job was to prepare a literary criticism. There were three sources cited. Collectively the sources identified with gender roles. The characters’ disguises were another commonality according to the cited sources. I have never been involved in the production of a play in using my influences for a stage play or even having incite of…

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  • Role Of Sacrifice In Antigone

    The Divine Sacrifice Although it is believed that ancient Greeks did not practice human sacrifice, the concept itself occupied a large space of Greek drama, which raises questions about its meaning(s), function(s), and how it has contributed to the human-deity relationship in Greek Drama. Human sacrifice, as a thematic frame, is common within the works of the three Greek tragedians, who employ it as a mean to create a dilemma in their plays, add a layer of meaningful depth to the human death…

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  • Manipulation In Macbeth

    In the playwright, “Macbeth” composed by William Shakespeare, momentous ideas of the tragedy of humanity, ambition leading to evil and the art of manipulation can be reflected in the use of characterisation, language and dramatic techniques. This will give attained in depth insight and understanding to the characters throughout the play. “Macbeth” written by Shakespeare depicts the central theme of tragedy that exemplifies the downfall of a man who is a tragic hero. ‘The Wheel of Fortune” or…

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  • Stereotypes In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

    Though simple in plot, the themes in this drama are profound and share the stage limelight just as much as the main characters. In the story there is the mama and her two kids Walter Lee and Bennie, and Walter’s wife Ruth, and their kid Travis. Each have their own dream and goal that they want achieved…

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  • Difference Between Greek And Elizabethan Theatre

    Over the centuries, theatre conventions evolved from the highly presentational performances of the Greeks to the extravagance of Elizabethan productions and eventually conglomerated to produce contemporary theatre. The University Playhouse’s performance of Acting: The First Six Lessons expressed this conglomeration of Greek and Elizabethan conventions through elements of presentational theatre, a non-localized set, and a supporting cast that functioned similar to a chorus or ensemble. This…

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  • King John Posthumus Hotheadedness Quotes

    A common character attribute found Shakespeare’s male protagonists is that of being hotheaded. He uses this characteristic to insert aspects of different genres into the plays. In The Life and Death of King John, the Bastard’s hotheadedness adds a comedic element to an otherwise heavy play. While in Cymbeline, a more comedic play, Posthumus’s hotheadedness creates tragedy. He successfully uses the same characteristic to create two different results. Shakespeare uses hotheadedness in different…

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  • Character Analysis Of John Proctor In The Crucible

    John Proctor is the tragic hero in The Crucible by Arthur Miller. The downfall of John in the play is due to a human flaw, which largely qualifies him as a tragic hero. John is a respectable farmer, who has a high social status .The tragic flaw was the physical attraction he had towards Abigail Williams, yet he had a wife. His wife realizes his husband’s acts of adultery and gets jealous. Proctor knows that he has the option to confess the deed. However, his pride comes in his way and he is…

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  • Twelfth Night Play Analysis

    The comic subplots in Shakepeare’s Twelfth Night and Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus function in the overall structures of the plays in many ways. Specifically, I argue that they parallel the main plot, emphasizing the theme of self-love that dominates the main plot. Within Twelfth Night, the emphasis that is placed on the theme of self-love is prominent from the moment the play begins. For example, it opens with the following speech by Orsino to himself: “If music be the food of love, play on/Give me…

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  • Similarities Between Norm And Ahmed And The Removalists

    Alex Buzo and David Williamson are two Australian playwrights who have encapsulated what it is to be Australian through Norm and Ahmed and The Removalists respectively. Through their command of dramatic styles and conventions they have effectively presented images onstage which challenge the Australian identity and the ideals which are synonymous with the Australian persona. Black comedy and heightened realism along with the theatrical conventions of character, language, movement and lighting…

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