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  • Dramatic Symbolism In The King's Speech

    The King’s Speech: Foul or Fair Representation in Film? Film possesses the power to transport us to different places and times: some real, some imagined. When filmmakers choose real stories, they face difficult artistic decisions that may or may not be supported by reality. In the award-winning film, The King’s Speech, director Tom Hooper mirrors many events from the actual speech therapy engagement between King George VI and Leonard Logue. King George VI needs to find his voice to encourage…

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  • Analysis Of The Movie 'Awakenings'

    OT 1-1 MA’AM PEGGY ANNE OBRE “Awakenings” By: Oliver Sacks The awakening is based on a true story. A movie nominated 3 academy awards and considered as a box office movie that had reached approximately $52 million in their earnings. It is full of drama that can touch the heart of every person that will watch this kind of story, a story that is filled with hopes, joy, laughter, and most especially love. This is also a good example of a person that truly cares for others and a person that would…

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  • Charlie Kaufman's Oeuvre Analysis

    Kaufman’s Ouervre Charlie Kaufman’s oeuvre consists of films that play with style, reality, and filmic structure to discuss deep issues of humanity. A Kaufman script has a few idiosyncrasies of style and structure that make it very clear who the writer is. What is most notable about Kaufman’s style is his ability to take the ordinary and make it otherworldly. He presents us with normal people, most often an everyday guy, and then puts them into situations of science fiction, fantasy,…

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  • Movie Classification Essay

    tragic note with the main heroes either dead or arrested by the police. Another sub-genre of action movies includes spy film in which the hero is generally a government agent who must take violent action against terrorists. People like Sylvester Stallone as Vietnam War vet who becomes a “one man army” in the popular “Rambo”, heavy action film. Similarly, martial arts films…

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  • Doubl Double Indemnity Movie Analysis

    always disinterested me because they did not have any dialogue. If movies came out today in our generation without any dialogue I have a feeling that the companies would lose money on them because of the lack of interest people would have in viewing the film. For me personally, I hated the Disney movie, Wall-E, because of its almost nonexistent dialogue. Movies today have a lot of focus on dialogue because it is what tells the movie. Music, sound, coloring, and angle all play key roles in…

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  • Ichi The Killer Movie

    see the film? And how does cult cinema make an impact in the history of film, bringing in vastly different cultures together to appreciate art. Those are the questions I'll be answering. In this essay let’s talk about the cultural differences and consumption of the movie; Ichi the Killer, directed by Takashi Miike, originally a manga made by Hideo Yamamoto. I will be talking about the movie itself with a quick plot summary of what happens, next I’ll be moving on to the context of the film from…

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  • Snowy River And Witness Comparison

    Witness, directed by Peter Weir, and The Man from Snowy River, directed by George Miller, are often categorized as very different films, but fit into the category of Syd Fields 3 Act Structure. Witness is shown as a crime thriller, whereas, The Man from Snowy River is an Australian coming of age drama. Both films have the same sub-plot of romance, but differ in some areas. Having romance as the sub-plot compliments both film’s plots and provides a soft element to the story. The romance changes…

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  • Dialogue In 1930s And 1940s Hollywood Films

    Dialogue in 1930s and 1940s’ Hollywood Films According to Bhullar’s experiment of testing intensity of emotions with AV(auditory-visual), VO(visual-only) and AO(auditory-only), audience perceived greater intensity of tested emotions, which were happiness and sadness, in AV speeches than those of VO and AO alone (Bhullar 193). Clearly, scientific evidence reinforces the cause of the storm of talkies. That is, dialogue conveys and augments the moods within the film, which directly influences…

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  • La Mafia Trailer Analysis

    La Mafia In media we have produced a film trailer entitled La Mafia; our group consisted of me, Chris, Jeremiah and Onur. The film’s genre is both comedy and action, with the setting being in a school. Throughout the production we set goals to make sure our trailer was unique. Our production was aimed at the 13 -21 year age group, targeting the B-D social groups, in addition to the Aspirer psychographic group. Our production was more targeted at the male audience, as it utilises the…

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  • French New Wave Analysis

    discussed many different propositions and ideas in the pages of the cahiers du cinema in the 50s. The most significant one which had the greatest influence on new wave films was la politique des auteurs (The policy of authors). Largely created by Truffaut in his famous essay a certain tendency in French Cinema he argued that a film, through the way in which its images are presented to the audience on the screen, should express and reflect the personality of the director. This policy later…

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