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  • Final Concentration Of Eosin Essay

    Results: At the start of the experiment, the initial flow rate was established as 20 ml min-1. This means that there is a steady flow of fluid or blood in your body (in this case, water) at a rate of 20ml min-1. In order to find the final concentration of the Eosin (2,5 mg ml-1) in the “blood” after 60 minutes a calibration curve had to be created by making up seven different solutions of eosin (11,25 μg ml-1) and water to compare it against their absorbance that was calculated in a…

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  • Ex-Touch Triangle Essay

    If R and r is the Circumradius and Inradius of a non-degenerate triangle then due to Euler we have an Inequality stated as and the equality holds when the triangle is equilateral. This ubiquitous inequality occurs in the literature in many different equivalent forms [4] and also Many other different simple approaches for proving this inequality are known. (some of them can be found in [2], [3], [5], [17], and [18] ). In this article we present a proof for this Inequality based on two basic…

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  • Foreign Exchange Risk Case Study

    As business becomes more globalized and trade continues to expand internationally, companies need to understand and reduce the risk associated with international business. Though there are many risks faced by companies when operating internationally, including political, financial, and cultural, this paper will specifically discuss the financial risk associated with exchange rates and how companies mitigate this risk through currency hedging. Foreign Exchange Risks Foreign exchange risk is “the…

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  • Terrain Contour Matching Analysis

    errors of the local trajectory and residual scaled differences. The research into which type of restoration approach should be used and the equations presented which will be used was done by (M. Sistiaga, 1998). The selected method was to use Partial Derivative Equations (P.D.E.) as it successfully restored images and replaced linear filtering methods. A scheme that has been developed to restore images is multi-scale morphological analysis proposed by (L. Alvarez, 1992), which was used by…

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  • Chlorhexidine Derivatives Lab Report

    1. Introduction The aim is to produce a biopolymerical matrix from alginate derivatives loaded with chlorhexidine derivatives (chlorhexidine digluconate and chlorhexidine dihydrochloride) to use in treating periodontal diseases, which is widespread internationally. These diseases are referred to as periodontitis, or also as gingivitis. Gingivitis happens when the plaque and tartar stay longer time on teeth, and then become more harmful. In gingivitis, the gums become red, swollen and can bleed…

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  • Benzimidazole Derivatives Lab Report

    3.1: Ligand preparation: A series of benzimidazole derivatives were used to prepare the ligand dataset using benzimidazole as the query molecule. All the inhibitors selected comply with the Lipinski rule of five. A total of 50 molecules were taken up for the study. 3.2 Virtual screening: To further screen the compounds, additional similarity metrics were calculated by ROCS. ROCS is a shape based superposition method used to perceive similarity between molecules based on their three dimensional…

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  • Authorial Intent In Liar

    that it was “important to have someone who looked like [the protagonist] on the front” (Larbelestier, 2009). This is still something not only supported by the author, but in the references throughout the text, however Larbelestier fully supports derivative works of her novels (Larbestier, 2008). Disallowing transformative work damages the relationship with the readership (Schwabach, 2013 p1), the majority of which write these works as a tribute and homage rather than for profit and the violation…

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  • Derivative: The Phenomenon Of Historical And Cultural Heritage

    First, The Value Of The Initial Value And Derivative: The Phenomenon Of Historical And Cultural Heritage Value Of The Derivative Generally speaking, people will not make it a valuable historical and cultural heritage of doubt, because those who have been included in the list of all levels and types of cultural heritage, have been consistent with some values. Such as UNESCO > there is no further elaboration. I believe that the so-called historical and cultural heritage of universal value, in…

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  • FX Derivatives Case Study

    The company’s decision to use FX derivatives to manage the FX risks means that the company already entered into a transaction, or is likely to have a commitment in a foreign currency. Depends on the terms of the transaction the use of some FX derivatives will be more appropriate than the others. For example, if the UK-based company trades on credit, the agreed amount in USD that it supposed to receive is subject to uncertainty in home currency terms. In this case, the company can hedge FX risk…

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  • Krokodil: Opioid Derivatives Of Codeine

    After While Krokodil Krokodil is an opioid derivative of codeine. The drug was made to mirror the effects of a pharmaceutical drug, no longer in use, called desomorphine. Krokodile is a homemade version, that is much cheaper then heroin, and has horrible side effects due to the dangerous solvents used when cooking the drug. Krokodil is highly addictive, and is injected into the body. The sites of the injection will develop scale-like skin, and have infected ulcerations. There are very few…

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