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  • Tetrahydrocarbazole Synthesis Lab Report

    The heterocyclic compounds naming tetrahydrocarbazoles having the significant biological properties. The newly substituted tetrahydrocarbazole derivatives were prepared from substituted phenylhydrazine and cyclohexanone in glacial acetic acid under reflux. These intermediates on reaction with substituted aromatic acid chlorides in alkaline media finally converted to N-Substituted tetrahydrocarbazoles. Fifteen compounds are synthesized and charaterized by their melting point (MP), IR, NMR, MS…

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  • Surface And Body Forces

    A “field” associates a physical quantity with a position. It may be time dependent. For example, T(r ⃗,t ) can represent the spatial and time-dependent temperature and ρ(r ⃗,t ) the density. These are examples of scalar valued fields. On the other hand, force or flux are examples of vector valued fields. Furthermore, stress is an example of a rank-two tensor field. Material Point notion If we consider a body with volume ”V” which separates parts of a physical space with its surface “A”, the…

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  • Solid Phase Synthesis Essay

    A novel solid-phase synthesis methodology of N-substituted-2-aminothiazolo[4,5-b]pyrazine derivatives was developed. The key step in this synthesis strategy is tandem reaction of isothiocyanate terminated resin 2 with o-halo-2-aminopyrazine, affording cyclized 2-aminothiazolo[4,5-b]pyrazine resin 4. To increase the diversity of our library, Suzuki coupling reaction was performed at the position C6. Further functionalization of 2-aminothiazolo[4,5-b]pyrazine core skeleton with various…

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  • General Motors Case Study

    Firstly, swaps are an effective way of transforming fixed credit cost obligations to floating form of interest obligations. Essentially, under this derivative two parties to a credit deal settle on exchanging their obligations of interest rates. Only the difference in the payments of interest is exchanged meaning no exchange of funds at the initial swapping stage. On the part of caps, firms engage in…

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  • Majority Rule And Proper Plaintiff Rule In Foss V. Harbottle

    minority member can brings the actions to enforce the company’s right. According to Kershaw (2013), at common law derivative actions can only be brought in relation to certain wrongs which disloyally, serve the director’s personal interest. This wrong is often referred to fraud. In another meanings of derivative actions, according to Sulaiman and Bidin (2008), states that derivative actions is brought by a member, but is based on legal action which the company has. For an example, a breach of…

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  • Iceland Case Study

    Ice land is a stable democracy, with a high standard of living, this country has low unemployment, and extremely low government debt. They provided clean energy, food production, fishery’s, with a quota system to manage them. Iceland has good healthcare, good education, clean air, and doesn’t have much crime. It’s ultimately a good place for families to live. They had almost end of history status, but in 2000 Iceland’s government began a policy of deregulation that later had terrible…

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  • Liability Management Case Study: Banc One's Assets

    makes earnings less sensitive to interest rate exposure; 2. allows an improvement in liquidity investment by meeting customer demands quickly; 3. decreasing the capital requirement to the minimum level for derivative investment. Banc One’s Assets and Liabilities It is the responsibility of Banc One’s chief investment officer, Dick Lodge to in charge of the company’s portfolio of balancing assets. He and his staffs spent most of the time in asset and liability…

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  • Fluanxol Research Paper

    “Fluanxol”  Introduction : • History and background : - Fluanxol is a thioxanthene derivative which contains flupentixol as active substances. It belongs to group of medicines known as antidepressants drugs which act on nerve pathway in specific areas of the brain and help in correcting some chemical imbalances that cause the symptoms of this illness. - Its International Non-proprietary Name (INN) is flupentixol , but its British Approved Name (BAN) is flupenthixol and it is known in the market…

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  • Ethical Discernment Case Study

    “A Framework for Ethical Discernment” consists of three larger parts: observing, deliberating, and acting. In the observing stage one must identify the problem, acknowledge feelings, and gather the facts. This should all be unbiased and strictly be the facts that are presented in front of you. For this case study, Tommy is 4-year-old boy that has broken his arm and needs surgery to fix it. The problem in this case is Tommy’s father not signing a consent form to have his sons arm fixed and then…

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  • Case Study Of Equity Analyst Recommendations

    Since the downfall of the financial system law makers are trying to solve the issue by clearing the derivatives transaction issue. This is known as clearinghouse. Clearinghouse will help consolidate the issue and with reserve accounts help to enclose the systemic risk by stopping the consequences of defaulting from spreading (Griffith, 2012, p. 1153). The…

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